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Welcome to the ONLINE Newsletter Submission Area! This is a new idea to serve the club and hopefully make submitting reports, articles, and material easier. Instead of emailing material, folks can log on to their designated areas, edit their pages, and type away! This will prevent confusion and ensure everyone knows that their material has been received and is awaiting publication. You can also edit and update your submissions anytime you wish all the way up to when its pulled from the site and put IN the newsletter. I know we sometimes goes months between newsletters and this will prevent material from becoming dated or OUT-dated before it actually goes to press. These pages will also be a good way to upload pictures and graphics. Some email programs have trouble with attachments. If we use these pages, the graphics will be there to see, download, and save locally.

What I HOPE is that these pages will turn into an "tier access" area. Which means that we can do reports and access will be restricted by what your function is within MFI. Meaning (grin), the CC members will be able to see ALL the areas, Zone Coordinators, Branch Heads, and Cell Commanding Officers/Executive Officers will only be able to access areas under their purview. Members could input reports and only the folks in their chain of command will be able to access it. Eventually, we'll go to a full database type interface!

Soooo... with the current NL going to production VERY soon, lets start to PUT SOME MATERIAL up on these pages for the NEXT issue!

Here's an example of what you could put up. You can substitute your picture for a logo if you like.

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