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MFS Solstice
Forward Ground Assault Carrier
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With the Badlands and surrounding habitable systems surrounded by Cardassian and Federation Territory, the need for a quick and efficient means of deploying ground troops became essential for the survival of the Maquis. This version of the Nova Carrier enables the Maquis to quickly land troops for ground assault or reinforcement. With her structural integrity fields strengthened to make landing a normal part of her operation the Nova Assault Carrier quickly descends into a planet's atmosphere, gathers intelligence on landing site, sizes up enemy or hostile ground strengths and formulates a plans to overcome such forces. The Arrow Class Assault Runabout deployed aboard serves as an advance scout as well as coordinates the beam in of Mobile Torpedo Launchers and an advance reconnaissance team.

Once the Nova Assault Carrier lands, a landing ramp quickly descends from her rear shuttle bay allowing ground troops and the deployed Light Armor Calvary units utilizing "Argo" style ATV units which are equipped with roof-mount phaser cannons making it ideal for mechanized land assault. With the Arrow in flight providing cover for the Nova Assault Carrier, the mothership becomes the center of operations supporting the ground assault with communication with orbital units, replenishment of supplies and troops for the ground assault, and beaming in and out of the Mobile Torpedo Launchers.

Deck Plans

Deck Directory Decks 1, 2 & 3
Deck 4 Decks 5, 6, 7 & 8

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Marine Assault Team

The Marines deployed aboard the Nova Assault Carriers use a variety of specialized, durable, and protective uniforms. Modeled after the Starfleet "Hazard Suit", these uniforms carry a variety of versatile and handy technological advances for the Marine in the field. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable these uniforms can protect the Marine from glancing phaser shots and have been known to completely shrug off stun shots completely. Features also include transponders enabling the Ground Assault Arrow to coordinate individual Marine locations enabling the command and control Nova to ascertain the location of every Marine on the field. Combined with the medical scanners within the suit, the Nova can beam wounded Marines to a sickbay at a moment's notice.

Different varieties of theses uniforms are shown below. Traditional uniforms include the Starfleet version for deployment within Federation borders when hiding in plain site is as effective as stealth. Appearing as traditional Starfleet personnel allow Marines to penetrate into areas as they appear to belong there in the first place. Second is the Maquis version of the Uniform with traditional branch colors for shoulder padding. When Marines are deployed on Tropical or Desert planets, they have a version to help them blend in with surroundings as well.

Assault Uniforms

Starfleet Variant Uniform Division Color Uniform

Jungle Camoflauge Uniform Desert Camoflauge Uniform

Deployable Weaponry

Mobile Torpedo Launcher

Mobile Photon Torpedo Launcher
The Mobile Torpedo Launcher is a weapons platform beamed into battlefield areas coordinated by the Nova's deployed Ground Assault Arrow Runabout. The Arrow serves as a relay for the Nova's sensors and transporters enabling pinpoint accuracy for beam in and beam out. These launchers carry 20 Mark XXV Micro-Torpedoes, smaller versions of the traditional ship based torpedoes, with a yield making surgical strikes against hostile ground forces and other land based targets ideal. An Assault Nova will carry six of these heavy hitting weapons and beam in two at a time. When the 20 Mark XXV's are depleted, two fresh lauchers are beamed in while the two beamed out are reloaded. This enables the Nova and Arrow to coordinate the deployment of freshly armed torpedo launchers for support of the ground forces for penetration, defense, or for withdrawls.

Anti-Gravity Bikes

Anti-gravity bikes (Grav Bikes) are the modern equivalent of the Earth motorcycle. The Harley Davidson HGW-1888 "Heavy Grav Bike" is capable of carrying two persons in tandem, and a moderate amount of stowage in the rear pannier. Widely used as short-range transportation for reconnaissance, they consist of an anti-gravity generator, a micro-fusion power source, an RCS thruster system and a seat. They have no life support systems or shields. The HGW is armed with a Type III Phaser emitter and enhanced short range sensors.

While they can be used in space with the aid of an environmental suit, they are almost always encountered on a planetary surface. Grav bikes are incapable of achieving orbit, and are generally operated at heights of less than 50 meters. Although they do not have a true autopilot, they can be preset to follow a programmed set of way-points and have a basic auto-avoidance warning system. In the case of an injured or incapacitated operator, they can be slaved to another grav bike, or operated remotely from the Command Arrow Runabout.

  • Length: 2.85 Meters
  • Mass: 350 Kg
  • Cruise Speed: 100kph
  • Max Speed: 200kph
  • Range: 300 Hrs @ 100kph

  • Cruise Altitude: 50m
  • Ops Ceiling: 1000m
  • Crew/Passenger: 1/1
  • Sensor Range: 30,000m
  • Weapons: Type 3 Phaser

Assault ATV

"Argo" ATV Assault Buggy

The "Argo" style All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Assault Buggy is a very versitile land based vehicle. The Argo buggy was designed with special off-road tires and soft suspension that let it grip and turn with ease on rocky or sandy terrains. It has a tubular framework that is very flexible, yet strong. Although not recommended, the buggy can be driven at very high velocities and can withstand most bumps and impacts with little damage.

The buggy is armed with a rear-mounted, high power phaser cannon that is operated by one of the rear passengers. Each buggy is equipped with a dashboard-mounted display console, comprising a scanner and a remote control device for sending information updates to the Arrow Command Runabout computer. In fact, if the situation was required and the Arrow command crew were disabled, the Arrow could be launched and totally controlled from the lead buggy.

In the Non-Combatant arena, the Argo buggy comes in very handy as a land based reconnaissance vehicle, especially on planets with atmospheric conditions which would interfere with Scanners and Tricorders.

The Nova Class Assault Cruiser can carry up to 26 ATVs, while the TIGRIS model Assault Runabout is capable of holding 2 Buggies and the SILVERADO model Maquis Raider can hold up to 6 buggies, for larger reconnaissance missions.

  • Category: Light MEKK
  • Length: 3.5 meters
  • Width: 1.25 meters
  • Height: 1.25 meters
  • Crew: 2
  • Maximum Capacity: 3

  • Cruise Speed: 20kph
  • Max Speed: 50kph (paved surface)
  • Range: 600 Hrs @ 20kph
  • Sensor Range: 30,000m
  • Weapons: Type 3 Phaser


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