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Olympic Class Medical Ship


Mission Objectives

  • Escort
  • Hospital Evac
  • Disaster Relief
  • Exploration

Olympic Class Logo

General Overview

Courtesy of TrekMania.net
The Olympic class stemmed from a Starfleet requirement issued in 2360 for a new class of medical vessel to replace the aging Nightingale class. The new ship was to improve on the Nightingale in every respect. It needed to incorporate a complete Starbase level mobile hospital capable of catering for up to 1,000 patients, compared to the Nightingale's 560 patients. The warp and impulse drives, computer systems, etc. where also to be up to the latest standards.

Starfleet chose the Olympic from several proposals in 2363, and construction began on the first of the class that same year. The ship was launched in November of 2365 and completed its shakedown successfully in 2366. Series production began at once, and sixteen additional Olympics were added to the fleet. All of the facilities aboard these ships are equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed by some of the best medical personnel in the fleet.

The Olympic has been proved very successful in service, and is highly popular with its crews. Their early careers where relatively uneventful, although the USS Olympic herself rescued several hundred survivors from the immediate aftermath of the battle against the Borg at Wolf 359 prior to the Enterprise-D's arrival, giving the Enterprise the impression that there were, in fact, No Survivors. The Olympic Class has seen a great deal of active service during the Dominion War.

Olympic Class
Unlike most Starfleet vessels, the Olympic Class features a spherical primary hull, similar in outward appearance to the 22nd century Daedalus-class, rather than the Standard Saucer configuration. The added space granted by a spheroid command hull, allows most of the ship's laboratories and wards to be incorporated here, allowing modular Isolation wards, secondary research labs, or other Mission Specific modules to be placed in the Secondary Engineering Hull.

The deflector dish on the Olympic Class is incorporated into the lower forward quarter of the primary hull, rather than the more traditional Engineering Hull placement. The Olympic Class' Impulse Engines are located on the upper third of the primary hull's aft section. Crew quarters and at least two transporter rooms are located on deck 5.

Another feature included into the Olympic-class is modularity, which means that the shipyards could easily equip the vessels with different facilities, depending on the type of mission it would be sent. Laboratories and wards may easily be replaced with other modules that might be customized for medical research, disaster relief, combat surgery, epidemic research, evacuation and triage, or just general humanitarian aid. (Last Unicorn RPG: Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet) The Olympic-class utilizes an Engineering section-warp nacelle layout common to most Starfleet vessels. Similar to the Excelsior variant, sections were added to the lateral aspects of the engineering hull, which contains additional laboratories and wards. A large shuttlebay is located on the dorsal spine of the secondary hull. (TNG: "All Good Things...")

Olympic msd.jpg

Specifications (Current):

Length : 239 Meters Auxiliary Craft:
Beam : 90 Meters Suwanee Style Runabouts: 2
Height : 96 Meters Atlas Research Runabouts: 2
Decks : 23 Type 9 Shuttlecraft: 4
Crew : 360 Officers & Crew Type 9A Cargo Shuttles: 2
Evacuation limit : 1360 Crew & Patients Shuttlepods: 4


Performance: Weapons:
Normal Cruise : Warp 6 Phasers: 2 Type IX Arrays, 3 Type VII Banks
Maximum Cruise : Warp 8 Torpedoes : 3 Launchers,
Maximum Rated : Warp 9 for 12 hours. Maximum Count : 150 Combined Photon/Quantum

Olympic06.jpg Oly main.jpg

Ships Of The Class

USS Olympic USS Hope
USS Tranquility (NCC-53742) USS Moore (NCC-54216)
USS Nobel (NCC-55012) USS Peace (NCC-55135)
USS Pasteur (NCC-58925) USS Mayo (NCC-59137)
USS Hippocrates (NCC-68468) MFS Determined (MCC-55600) Combat Variant

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