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Purpose and Intent

This page is your source for all online gaming that MFI is involved in. If you go to a game and don't see any activity, post a message on the board and you'll probably get people to play with you.

Blacknova Traders

Blacknova Traders is a turn based game loosely based on the old BBS game Tradewars. In this game, you are equipped with a basic ship with which you can trade goods between space ports to earn credits to upgrade your ship. Upgrades include larger cargo hulls so you can trade more in each turn (hence more money per turn), better weaponry, engines and sensors. You can also colonize planets, which will produce goods and money for you. Become powerful and rule as a warlord. Invest wisely and become a business tycoon. Make alliances for protection and power. There are many strategies that can lead you to victory!


The year is 2711. The unstable coalition of the Galactic Union has started to colonize the abandoned alien planet of Cerulea IV. The planet's inhabitants, the Ceruleans, mysteriously vanished. Without a common enemy, the Union splintered into warring factions. As a commander, you will build your base, assemble an army, and battle for resources, alien artifacts, and planetary dominance. (Quoted from the game website)

MFI holds a presence in several sectors, the most prominent of which is Nick of Time. The alliance name is Maquis Forces. Request to join and send the Alliance leader a message with your name and MFI ID number and you'll be approved. This game can be played through Facebook, Google+ or directly at You can also play multiple accounts by playing through all three.

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