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Chief of Operations (COO) Directory for FADM Joshua Laury
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A scratchpad area for the COO and others to store and develop ideas and projects.
BE WARNED! -- All Items found here are NOT final, NOT official, NOT guaranteed, and EXTREMELY subject to change, modification, and/or outright deletion.

Anyone is welcome to leave comments or suggestions on the discussion page.
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Possible pages / pages needing attention

  • Operations/Staff Pending
    • Sort out the OPS Staff page to better reflect who works for OPS HEAD [COO]
    • OPS: Skunkwerks//R&D//Sim Fleet (reorganize these to better position them within structure MFI)
  • Get TIER page and associated graphics cleaned up and standardized

Pages in need of tweaking or Help

Done (or pretty much so...)

Guardian Project


Ideas Pending and Items To-Do
ie: The Dream Factory

graphic projects pending...

coo.gif example

  • update the graphic used for the top CC positions to account for all other CC variants past or present [or future...?]. Past ones are needed for historical pages... and in case the current or future IC changes his mind once again... LOL
    • convert all to jpg from the original gif
      • IC
      • VIC
      • COS
      • COO
      • COC
      • Quartermaster
      • Chief of CompOps [or Computer Operations]
      • Academy Commandant
      • Maquis Security Advisor
      • Founders Council [same design but instead of olive green theme, make it gold, black, or silver theme]
      • Chief of Special Services
      • Chief Maquis Advisor
      • others...? Chief Jester, Surgeon General, Executive Chef, etc...
    • For the record--I do like the current design. It is unique and dignified. Just needs brought up to current standards... and expanded.


  • Create COO Staff page listing possible Assistant COO [CNO?], Membership Dept, ZC Corps
    • Partial Done
  • Update handbook and constitution for inclusion of new branches as they happen
    • Romulan ?


  • Investigate creation of online virtual advancement certificate to remain avail as perm part of members service record [part of db project?]
  • Create certificate for EVERY promotion upon finalization [removal of brevet].
  • Alternately create cert for every promo of Flag rank or above.
  • Cert Signature options - depends on nature of promotion and approval authority required.
    • IC
    • CC member granting promo
    • Dept or Branch Head granting promo
    • Cell CO granting promo
  • Someday have each award in Hall of Honor hot linked to the supporting document or certificate for review. In case of Academy, link to a list of course completions with dates, honors, author and/or dean status with dates.
  • As part of db project [maybe?] have the visual display of ribbons and awards stored in a linkable manner to allow display on User pages, etc...

Naval Awards

  • NAVAL BRANCH [ideas...]
    • Create award ribbons for:
      • Meritorious Service [below NCM/NAM] awarded by COO (or CNO ?)
        • UPDATE: Possibly the Alternate Design for the Campaign Medal! NavCampaign2.jpg
      • Sim Participation - All Maquis are Naval -- UPDATE: DONE [Campaign Medal]!
      • Special Event Participation [ie: Labor Day Offensive, etc...] -- see above: DONE!
      • Special Project Participation - SW (?), Sim Fleet design/research
      • Quartermaster Campaign Participation - overdue
    • Uses star system for subsequent awards - possibly limit each to a max number per calendar year
    • Uses frame for distinguished service as a principal
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