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Peregrine Fighter Cockpit Tacfighter anim.gif Peregrine Schematic


Peregrine Class Fighter


Mission Objectives

  • Fighter
  • Escort
  • Tactical
  • Intercept
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance

Peregrine Class Logo

General Overview

When the Borg destroyed many Federation vessels at Wolf 359, the Federation needed ships to take some of the burden off the large starships and be rapidly produced. The old Argus class warp fighter was too old to fill the role and runabouts were too general purpose. For this reason, a new warp fighter was developed to replace all older Federation fighters. Several prototypes were stolen by the Maquis, where they fought well against the Cardassian's ships. Some people suspect that in reality, the ships were given to the Maquis by Federation Intelligence in order to test this new design.

The Peregrine is a medium fighter/interceptor designed to assist in fleet actions by forcing the enemy to split their fire between as many targets as posible. The Peregrine has a small cockpit with seating for two, with a cargo area in the aft section and is designed primarily to operate at impulse or low warp speeds near to their home base, or from a suitable carrier vessel such as an Akira, or Miranda class.

While they are capable of warp speeds, the Peregrine is not a true interstellar vessel. At top cruise speed, the ship takes over 58 hours to cross one light year. Since it carries no facilities for crew rest or refreshment, pilot fatigue makes trips of even this duration difficult. Nevertheless, many operators have used these ships for limited interstellar missions - most especially the Maquis, who operate a number of Peregrines.

Peregrine msd.jpg

Tactical Fighter Squadrons

Vfa-01-a.jpg Vfa-02-a.jpg Vfa-03-a.jpg Vfa-04-a.jpg


  • Type: Attack Fighter/Courier
  • Length: 14 meters
  • Beam: 13.6 meters
  • Draft: 4.53 meters
  • Warp Engines: Micro Cochrane MARA
  • Impulse Engines: Twin Fighter Micro engines
  • Speed: WF 4.0 (Cruise), WF 5.0+ (Flank)
  • Armament:
    • 3 x Type IV phaser banks
    • 2 x Micro photon torpedo tubes with 10 rounds
  • Defenses: Deflector shields, Ablative Armor
  • Decks: 1
  • Crew: 1 to 2
  • Computer System: LCARS

Graphics/Deck Plans

Peregrine Profile Sheet 1.jpg

Squadron Formation
Taking a hit
On Patrol

Tacfighter model1.jpg
Tacfighter model2.jpg


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