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OCTOBER 15-16-17, 2010


Folks.. Since the uncertainty with Moodle and new chapters, I am setting up a voting page for Maquis-Con in Wiki. Below there are two simple columns.

To "vote", merely log in, edit the page, and type your name over "Your Name Here" without changing ANY other code. If you are not familiar with Wiki and this is your first edit, use the Preview function at the bottom to ensure that you entered your name correctly so that we can register your vote. If you are bringing someone, such as a spouse or others in your crew, merely add a "+" and the number of the folks that you are certain will be attending with you. We need 50 attendees to make this a reality.

Additionally, you can can indicate if you plan on attnding Fri-Sun, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sat, or Sun. LASTLY, if you can indicate a "R" for Friday Night Reception, and "D" for Saturday Night Dinner. All of this information will give me an indication what we need to plan for. Just like the pins, this is not actually ORDERING or COMITTING to the Convention, this is a "Pledge" to see if we have enough interest in one venue or the other.

If you don't plan on attending, there isn't any need to annotate any information.

If you have any problems with your login name and password or are unsure of how to use the edit function please contact Frank Parker, Director of Membership and he will assist you.


Louisville, KY
1. Marc Easterly + 2 - Fri-Sun - R+D
2. Cummings + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D -- Second choice
3. Christina Doane +?- Fri-Sun- R+D -- Second choice
4. Your Name Here
5. Your Name Here
6. Your Name Here
7. Your Name Here
8. Your Name Here
9. Your Name Here
10. Your Name Here
11. Your Name Here
12. Your Name Here
13. Your Name Here
14. Your Name Here
15. Your Name Here
16. Your Name Here
17. Your Name Here
18. Your Name Here
19. Your Name Here
20. Your Name Here
Washington, DC
1. Gary Davis + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D
2. Frank Parker + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D
3. John Kane Fri-Sun - R + D
4. Gary Hollifield + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D
5. Marc Easterly - Fri-Sun - R+D
6. Cummings + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D -- First choice
7. N Bach +1 - Fri-Sun - R+D
8. Dennis Cross + 1 - Fri-Sun - R+D
9. Christina Doane +? - Fri-Sun - R+D
10. D. W. Ferber +? - Fri-Sun - R
11. Logan Andrews +2 - Fri-Sun - R
12. Jamie Delantonas - Fri-Sun - R
13. Guy Nickerson +1 - Fri-Sun R+D
14. Pam Michaud - Fri-Sun R+D
15. William Haines - Fri-Sun
16. Your Name Here
17. Your Name Here
18. Your Name Here
19. Your Name Here
20. Your Name Here

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