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MFI uses various attachments to denote different statuses on their awards, mostly in conjunction with the ribbons. Following are the various attachments along with descriptions on their uses.

Gold Star Silver Star Bronze Star
Goldstar.jpg Silverstar.jpg Bronzestar.jpg
Used to denote 1 additional awarding of any given ribbon Used to denote 5 additional awardings of any given ribbon Used to denote 15 additional awardings of any given ribbon
One gold star is added for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th awards of any given ribbon. A silver star replaces them all for the 5th award. An additional gold star is added for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th each. A second silver star denotes the 10th award, with gold stars added for the 11th thru 14th awards. The bronze star replaces all the stars upon the 15th awards and no more stars are added regardless of further awardings. Stars are centered upon the ribbon with lower valued stars alternating to either side of the higher, starting on the left side of the higher star(s) (as viewed facing the wearer) with a maximum of 4 gold stars with any higher star(s) For the MFIServ ribbon, each additional 2 years beyond 10 are denoted with a gold star on the 10 Year ribbon, with 20 years shown by a silver star. Additional years will be determine once MFI's 20th year approaches. See Other MFI Awards for how the stars are used on the Aviation wings.

Honors Frame Author's/Instructor's Knot Dean's Knot
Frame.jpg Silverknot.jpg Sliverknot2.jpg
Denotes when Honors is achieved in at least one course for that College. Denotes at least one course written for that College, or is a current Instructor in that College. Denotes a current or past Dean of a College. Current Deans are denoted by wearing the Honors Frame in conjunction with the Dean's Knot
Current Deans are required to wear their Dean status. Past Deans and any Authors/Instructors may select between their Dean/Author ribbon or a College ribbon that indicates the number of courses they've passed. Both cannot be worn at the same time.

Other Graphics Pending
Letters and numbers are used only on the End of Year (EoY) awards. The "M" is used for the MFI EoY's. The numbers are used for the various zones, with the "V" used for Zone VR and the "E" for Zone EM.

--RAdm Logan Andrews 20:00, 21 December 2006 (PST)
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