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pip_como_blue.jpg Director - COMO David Ferber
pip_capt_blue.jpg Aide-de-Camp - COL Walter E. Kurtz
pip_lt_blue.jpg Dean of SOC College - MCAPT Richard Bonham
pip_radm_blue.jpg Chief of Operations - GEN Marc Easterly
pip_capt_blue.jpg Commander at Do Lung Bridge - CAPT Jeff Weber
pip_capt_blue.jpg Acting Commander at Castle Anthrax - CAPT Earl Dixon
pip_capt_blue.jpg Acting Commander of the Department of Redundancy Department - CAPT Carl Stark
pip_sgtmaj.jpg Commander of the Linguistics and Cryptology Department "Graecum est; non legitur" - SGTMAJ Donna M. Gillis
pip_vadm_blue.jpg Lost in Space - VADM Gene Yazdir - where is you?
Pip_rl_radm.jpg Image on the Dart Board - VADM Frank Parker


-- Office of Management Analysis --

-- Office of Special Activities --

-- Systems Analysis --

-- Office of Recruitment and Retention --

-- SOC College --


The member roster of Special Operations Command is classified


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