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“The first duty of society is justice.” ~Alexander Hamilton



The Special Security Division (SSD) was a division within Starfleet and was established during its early development. Its members wore black clothing and were classed as elite security investigators that were sometimes referred to as the United Federation of Planets equivalent of Texas Rangers. Despite this jovial attitude, many had an underlining fear and dislike of the SSD as well as their relationship with Starfleet. This stemmed from accusations of ruthless authoritarian techniques compared to the Gestapo of World War II, with the feeling that the SSD believed that the ends justified the means. The close knit relationship of the members of the Special Security Division was also deemed frightening by many of the Federation's other ranking officers. This was because the division felt no loyalty to anything beyond the Federation and the SSD itself. Thus, they did not show any outward display of mercy in their investigations, and were adamant against bargaining with even the highest-ranking officials of the Federation when implicated in a crime or misdeed. This single minded view of justice was the SSD's motto, which read, “To err is human, to forgive is against SSD regulation.” They held no respect for anyone, with their loyalty only to their code of ethics, which they saw as being unbreakable. Though deemed a necessary force, they were also a feared one, within the Federation. Children were selected from SSD creches and were expected to devote their entire lives to the Special Security Division.

Formed as an agency who's primary duty was to investigate and report on any high crimes against the the Maquis Forces, or crimes committed by Maquis personnel, the SSD comprised officers and enlisted members from the Federation who remembered more ancient tales within their heritage of long-standing family professions within organizations like MI-5, the FBI, Secret Service, or (more archaic still), those who watched the lands and shores of Scotland, Ireland or the British Isles and wore the tartans showing themselves to be of bands within the High Guard and Black Watch. This romantic ideal of heroes from the distant past awakened in them a pride for their duties of seeking, protecting and administering justice. Looking to wipe away the negative, frightening connections with the their Federation counterpart, the Maquis SSD began sharing a policy of transparency in their daily routine, training and investigations. While there are some details that are kept close to the vest, eventually the reports are opened for public viewing, barring any notations that could damage on-going investigations or bring harm to innocent parties that might be involved in the proceedings.

The logo for the SSD is the scale of justice. Above all the SSD believe in Justice, in the upholding of it and the dispensing of it. They are experts in security, weapons, tactics, and a variety of specialized combat, investigative and negotiation skills. One agent can be assigned to augment a Klingon Task Force, a MarDet or Romulan Legion in a variety of circumstances. It is rumored that agents of the SSD are placed undercover aboard starship, be it civilian or military, or other type of Maquis cell, as a way to check for those who might be disloyal to the Maquis and inadvertently put everyone in the Badlands at risk from those who mean the Maquis' destruction. Whether or not this is true, the SSD answer directly to the Coordinator Council and do not allow any individual or organization to stand in the way of their duties or their goals.

The Special Security Division's primary duties are to investigate and decisively dispatch any potential threat, internally, to the high level security of the Maquis Forces and the Council. Using either conventional or unconventional methods, they exploit and eliminate any intelligence gathering attempts of enemy forces on Maquis resources or personnel. And they provide special protection to the Coordinator Council, while on Maquis held worlds or within Maquis Territory.

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