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"A just person is one who is conformed and transformed into justice." ~ Meister Eckhart


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SSD Light Cruisers resupplying at SSD HQ in orbit around a Class M Planet near the Badlands Sector

MISSION: To investigate and report on any high crimes against the Maquis Forces, or crimes commited by Maquis personnel. To investigate and decisively dispatch any threat, whether internally or externally to the high level security of the Maquis Forces and the Council. Using conventional or unconventional methods, exploit and eliminate any intelligence gathering attempts of enemy forces on Maquis resources or personnel. Provide special protection to the Coordinator Council.

PREMISE: The SSD are special agents in charge of security (hence the name) of the Maquis Forces citizenry, governing officials and perimeter of occupied space. The logo for the SSD is the scale of justice. Above all the SSD believe in Justice, in the upholding of it and the dispensing of it. Reminiscent of Police, Fire and Rescue workers, the FBI or those who served in the National Coast Guards of Earth and other planets, the underlying goal of the SSD is the safety and security of Maquis Colonists from all species, faiths and walks of life. They are experts in security, weapons, tactics, and a variety of specialized skills. One agent could be assigned to augment a Maquis Forces Marine Unit or Special Operations Team in a variety of circumstances. Agents can be placed undercover aboard any starship, be it civilian or military, pirate organization, and even Maquis cells. They answer directly to the Coordinator Council and will not allow any individual or organization to stand in the way of their goal. They also act in emergency situations to intervene with compassion, aid and their primary designation of safety for all Maquis denizens.


The Special Security Division was originally based on the novel Death's Angel written by Kathleen Sky. The cover on the left is the original, while the one on the right is the reprint.

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"A Special Security Division had been established very early in the development of Star Fleet. The black-clad group of elite security investigators was sometimes jokingly referred to as the Federation's equivalent of the Texas Rangers. But there was also an undertone of fear and dislike in Star Fleet's relationship with the SSD. There had been accusations of Gestapo-like techniques, and a general feeling that the end justified the means; also, the strange esprit de corps that existed among the members of the Special Security Division was frightening to many of the Federation's other ranking officers. The Special Security Division felt no loyalty to anything but the Federation and the SSD. They gave no quarter in their investigations, and should a high-ranking Federation official be implicated in a crime or misdeed, there was no bargaining with the Special Security Division. 'Justice' was their motto, and let the chips fall where they might. They respected no one, and their loyalty to their code of ethics was unbreakable. They were a necessary force but a feared one."

A Word About Charity and the SSD

In our everyday lives, police, fire and rescue workers are taking time to save others. The Special Security Division of Maquis Forces International offers thanks for these individuals, and pay our respects to these people by dedicating this branch to their service – and, more importantly, to those who have sacrificed their own lives in efforts to save others. It is with utmost respect that we wish to emulate the dedication of those Emergency Response professionals within this Branch of Service in our organization. To that end, we encourage the following:

For those Operatives or Field Units wishing to take part in such endeavors, we encourage the idea of doing community service. Such things as helping post and share Amber Alerts, doing neighborhood watch, collecting stuffed animals for Teddy Bear Patrol, or supporting our police, fire and rescue workers by sharing in their other charitable, informative, outreach and volunteer services are all things that we can make efforts to do, and share in. Other community service can include the appearance for, and serving on (if selected), jury duty when called upon. Or to take part in Honor Guard ceremonies (when asked or invited to do so) is also something we encourage you to do, if you are so inclined.

Likewise, covering convention or special-event security, may be something you can help with. Taking or teaching CPR classes, as a potential way to help save lifes; or working as a life-guard for a day at the beach are other ways to potentially honor the real-life counterparts of the SSD.

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