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"Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical" ~Blaise Pascal



Allies of the Special Security Division

The Bajoran Ministry of Defense, The Betazed Diplomatic Circle, The Caitian Militia, The Ferengi Trade Commission, The Gorn Hedgemony, The Klingon Task Force, The Maquis Marine Corps, The Maquis Naval Fleet, The Maquis Romulan Legion, The Maquis Special Operations Command, The Orion Independent Traders Guild, The Regulan Trade Alliance - These are all groups that call themselves allies, associates, trading partners and (in some cases) friends to the Special Security Division of the Maquis Forces. Becoming familiar with their vessels and procedures is in your best interest.


Enemies of the Special Security Division

The Bajoran Kohn Mah Independent Cell, The Breen Alliance, The Cardassian Empire Obsidian Order, The Dominion, The Orion Syndicate, The Romulan Empire Tal'Shiar, Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Section 31 are all hostile agencies to the Maquis Forces. Learning of their procedures, tactics, equipment and vessels may just save your life!

An excellent resource for you to learn more about allies and enemies can be found in the Cignus Archives.

Broadcast and Blotter
Arbrey VII

'Nausicaan Pirate Attack on Ravis III, in Zone 4. 6 Injured, 2 dead. Band still on the loose, armed with Romulan biogenic weapons and holding hostages. Proceed with extreme caution.'

Golvha IX

'CBP teams dispatched to Zone 7, as sensors along the border are glitchy. Be on guard for Breen or Orion pirates trying to cross in sector 7-001 mark 42 to 7-019 mark 73.'

Taebhrov Colony

'939th Nightmares ATCT team to be commended for successful defusing of trilithium compound bomb found in mining surveyors office. No injuries or fatalities. Ongoing investigation to discover identity of bomb builder(s) and/or accomplices.'

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