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Good morning Ladies and Gentleman,

I am Force Colonel Rigel McBain, Commander of Task Force Orange.

The “official” purpose of TF Orange is a training exercise here by the Cardassian border as a show of strength.

People, the real reason we are here is to launch an attack into Cardassian space.

We’ve been given the green light to launch a raid into Cardassian territory with the purpose of destroying the 27th Cardassian Guards and the Orion Traidy syndicate. And by destroying, I mean that you are ordered to give NO QUARTER to any opposing forces. These two entities are to be totally annihilated.

If there are any problems with this let me know now, and you will be allowed to opt out of the mission.

Good, I didn’t think anyone would want out of this mission anyway.

Gul Trepar Lor

One of the main objectives of the attack is the capture of Gul Trepar Lor. Lor is the Commanding Officer of the 27th Guards on Atbar VI. The 27th Guards are one of the “Cardie” units that were in the Badlands during the Dominion war, I think everyone of you here knows what they did to our families and friends.

Another primary target is Kassal-Traidy, he’s the leader of the Traidy Syndicate based on Goralis IV. Unfortunately we have very little Intel on this guy. All we know is he’s one ruthless p’tagh.

The entire operation has a window of 22 hours. The clock starts when the first wave of ships launches their attacks on the enemy fleets. At the end of this twenty two hour time frame, all vessels and ground forces will have to evacuate the area. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to leave behind a single soul. Naval SpecOps troops will mount several attacks on various targets to add to the surprise and ferocity of the opening moments of the strike. Also, Special Operations Command has numerous Operators on the ground, please have your Troops keep a careful eye on what they think is the enemy. I intend to keep blue on blue encountersto an absolute minimum.

Special Operations will have numerous electronic warfare vessels in the area blocking communication in and out of the target systems. These ships will also be continuing our ruse along the border. This means that we’ll have to keep our communications to line-of-sight tight beam transmissions as much as possible. This also means that, we’ll be under a communications black-out. Headquarters will have very little information on our progress until we get back into our own space.

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