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Raider 01.png Raider 06d.png
DropShip 01.jpg Work Pod 03.png WorkBee 01b.png

to do list

  • Link ship classes to description pages
  • Create page for Trapper variant
  • add descriptive text as needed
  • Create squadron logos
    • adapt as needed from 21st century logos

  • Work some on MFS Compliance stats and deck plans -- as a borg ship design it is expected to be quite large compared with starfleet style ships. Even as a long-range scout it is more of a carrier than not. Need to find the right mix of borg disbursed systems design with the more human-familiar "designated spaces" design concepts.
    • Work out internal cargo/hanger spaces -- Considering a large void inside the cylinder. The "shuttle bay deck" might wrap around the interior of the cylinder as in a small ring. Artificial gravity tailored to result in at any point in the bay someone standing on the decking could look straight overhead and see the opposite side decking. The hollow center core in the bay area would be at null gravity to facilitate access to any part of the bay for launch and recovery
    • IDEA -- keeping with the same theme, perhaps have a ring-within-a-ring design. The inner ring would provide deck "parking" space for larger vessels up to Raider size. Designated points would have large "bay door" deck openings to access the outer ring [from the central core] where cargo bays and smaller vessel hanger/maintenance spaces could be accessed.
      • Large cargo transporters would be located in central nodes surrounded by cargo storage spaces as opposed to normal starfleet design of having cargo transporters within each cargo bay.
      • Is possible that the smaller vessel hanger/shop areas are adapted from cargo bays in the original borg design. The cargo transporters are large enough to be used to launch and recover small vessels as an option. An offshoot of the borg method of assimilating technology by cutting it out and taking it.
    • Need to determine if the bay area is only on one end of the ship or on both ends -- depends on how many ships need to be carried... LOL
    • Need to research what propulsion systems the ship uses
    • Consider that the ship probably would have several "command nodes" -- any of which would function as a full bridge. Even as adapted, any one of these nodes would function identically to any of the others.
      • For human adapted use and emotional comfort:
        • one node probably is designated the Main Bridge
        • another the Flag Bridge
        • another the Emergency/Special Ops Bridge
        • another might be Main Engineering
        • possibly another might function as Flight Deck/Cargo Control
    • Computer functions would also be based on disbursed nodes -- located throughout the ship.

  • more to come...?

Composit Misalginment

The composite of the Borg Logo over the band looks off using the new "Google Chrome" Beta release Browser and Firefox.
Here's a Snapshot.

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