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--COMO 10-of-9 [s.lackey]

FYI Notes

  • We have more than one FADM, thus any ref to the IC must be called IC, not FADM.
  • Chain of Command can not use COC as an abbrev because COC is also used in this doc for Chief of Communications. I used "Chain" as in "up the chain" because it is a workable abbrev in somewhat common useage.
  • For now, I created a sub-page for the Appendices in an attempt to shorten the "Handbook-on-a-Monster-Sized-Page". It may not be enough...


By now you have read about your membership, the overall organization, and the role of the chapter within MFI. At this point you are ready to exercise your membership privileges. But wait! Don't quit now. There is one more item that you should know about. Sometimes during your MFI career you may have a problem or want to ask a question. Who should you go to for assistance? The next chapter will help chart you way to a speedy answer to your inquiry or a solution to your problem.

Recon is the most versatile of the Marine Programs. Recon is the closest assignment the MFMC has to a commando type unit. Due to its flexibility, its Area of Responsibility is varied. It has four main AOR’s, by no means is this list exhaustive. Its first AOR is VIP escort and protection; at request Recon members may responsible for assisting and protecting their assigned dignitary at various events. Second is Honor Guard Detail, at request for weddings of MFI personnel or other such events where an Honor Guard would be appropriate. Third is General Reconnaissance, this would be recon for information, an event layout, items, and other such proper assignments. The Fourth AOR is Convention Security; this would be a properly trained force of personnel to act as and run security at any and all Fan Conventions. Its organization is as follows, Recon Unit (either whole or one divided into different cells), Recon Chief of Brigade, Recon Chief of Division, and Deputy Officer in Charge of Recon.

  • MAQUIS MARINE AIR CORPS. The Maquis Marine Air Corps takes its form from the ‘Flying Leathernecks’ of World War II on earth. These Flying Leathernecks come from a long and honored tradition of marine pilots. Their AOR is act as the air support for any and all marine units and operations, and to do the same for other MFI units at request. And it may also act independently on any assignment with approval of the Maquis Marine Air Marshal. Its organization is as follows, Squadron (Unit) (either whole or one divided into different cells), Senior Air Officer of the Brigade, Air Boss of the Regiment, Deputy Air Marshal, and Air Marshal. *note if this program is not currently offered, you are welcomed to apply to have it reopened.

All information in this section is literary property of David House as paraphrased from MFMC chaplain/counselor guide. What Does a Chaplain/counselor for a Star Trek club do? This will vary according to the ship on which He/She serves. The crew determines the amount of spiritual guidance and help they need. It is also common for the chaplain to perform duties that would be assigned a ship's counselor if there were not one available. Since the job they do overlaps so much. This means that the Chaplain will provide spiritual and other counseling services as needed. 90% or more of the time a chaplain is consulted the person asking for help needs more than anything a sympathetic ear.

Commandant’s note: This program’s area of responsibility is the morale of MFMC personnel, as previously stated someone’s whole job is to have a “sympathetic ear‿. Highly recommended to have on board. Its organization is Vedek at unit level for Chaplain and Counselor for other. Both report to the KAI/Chief Counselor.

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