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Needs a new logo. The Florks are a thing of the past. Who is running things this year?

I'm running the LDO, this year. And I know the Florks was last year, that logo was a place-holder while Rob works on a new one for us. Who's logging as Watchdog and mucking about with pages without making a log of it? ~FADM Pickett

  • So I looked at the history of the LDO 15 page itself and found 5 edits. Two of Bpickett were the only ones without comments.
  • The placeholder is still there, apparently waiting for the new logo.
  • There is nobody able to use the Watchdog account who would do anything malicious.
  • Nobody can delete anything without leaving a trail.
  • If someone deletes content that is damaging, it is simple to restore it. We have done that several times, mostly when someone leaves MFI angry. We restore anything of a general nature and keep work done on ships to have available for sims or cut/paste to create a new cell ship, even when someone dies or leaves.
  • In case of death, our policy is to preserve the user page and sometimes the cell page if the deceased was the last one active.

--ADM 10-of-9 [s.lackey] (talk) 20:05, 23 August 2015 (UTC)

Still waiting for Rob (FAMDR) Johnson to make one of his awesome logos to put up. There were a couple of ideas sent to him in private e-mail, one with a Dominion ship, another with a Jem'Hadar soldier, and also a couple with Gorns and their ships. We'll see what he puts together for us. ~FADM Pickett

Great! Looking forward to it, --ADM 10-of-9 [s.lackey] (talk) 21:25, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

Lethras = need background


Since there is nothing in Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, or anything relevant on the net... How about a short history of the planet, peoples, and/or colony background so we can all be on the same page? Please.

--ADM 10-of-9 [s.lackey] (talk) 14:14, 4 September 2015 (UTC)

Lethras is mostly dry, with flooding showers once per full rotation (approximately 1.4 years) on the lower continent that is the most hospitable for Gorn habitation; however, temperatures around the equator rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius and what few storms the planet experiences are often mild and provide needed moisture. Much of the planet's southern portion of the hemisphere is dominated by a large bowl-shaped continent which has a single mountain range, the Chi'allan Mountains, running along its middle and curving to the north. The majority of plant life are short scrub-brush and flowering spike-grass akin to Earthly war plants or the Yucca. Two rivers wind to the south and east of the mountain range. In the northern hemisphere, there are nine smaller island-like continents with wide mildly saline rivers that separate them. The oceans are a bit more alkaline than Earth's waters.

--FADM Bre Treillis (Sept. 5, 2015)

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