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how do you modify your images to srink the image down to a viewable size?

-Commander Christopher A. Clodfelter

Some do... It depends on the size of the original. "External Files" (pictures linked from other domains) can't be shrunk in Wiki. If you've uploaded your picture to MFI-Wiki (Look in the "toolbox" along the left edge), it's an easy modification.

The Image Link would be [[image:picture-name.jpg|150px]]
The "150px" can be adjusted to whatever width you want the picture to be.
In The Zone Pages, for example, I believe all the images are set to "120px".
Hope this helps,
[[User:Rob-J|Rob-J, IC Rob-sig-sm.jpg]]

sounds like you have lived an intristing life Logan. I only hope mine is less intristing but just as fun.

User:Commander Clodfelter

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