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Hey guys...

The Grid Liam had, in conjunction with the Logo wasn't bad... Just too much stuff. If you want to use a Similar "Table" of headers, linked around a Main Graphic (like SOC/SSD and KTF) we can work that up for you, in order to Shorten and Clean Up your "Lead In" page.
Let us know,

Can you do up a sample so we can see how that would work for us? --General Mayhem 07:34, 10 May 2006 (PDT)

Icon commandant.jpg - Click for more Information and Offices relating to the Commandant

Badlands Marine Liasion Office
MFMC General Orders
Sgt. Major of the MFMC
MFMC Awards


Proposed Modified "Liam Grid"

As requested above, This is basically what Liam had set up for the "Top" of the Main Page (and all the Sub pages) to act as a quick link to all the other Sub-Pages. I Wikified his html coding and deleted all the "Marine Quotes".

By using something like this, it will allow you to use the MFMC Main page as a simple Cover Page, similar to KTF and SPecOps, with either a brief explanation or Mission Statement of what MFMC is all about, rather than trying to "Say it All" and making the Main Page a "Catch All" page.

Feel free to use it, or not (if you want to go another direction). I took the liberty of "Wikifying" those MFMC pages that still had the Site Table on it. If you don't want the Site Tables, just dump the coding on those pages.

Mfmc pin.jpg

Maquis Forces Marine Corps

MFMC Home MFI Main Page General Orders Mission Statement
Chain of Command MFMC Staff Transport-Ships MEKK
Mechanized Artillery
MFMC Ranks & Awards MFMC Uniform Regs MFMC Units MFMC College Info

R.Johnson, IC

Another "Grid" Idea

Whoever did the "Office Of The Commandant" graphic... You think you could do one for each of these Links, to be used to border the Logo (but more Square)? If so, we could replace the "text" Links below with "buttons". Of course... Once the "Buttons" are in place, we could make the grid lines "invisible".

MFMC Home MFI Main Page General Orders




Mfmc pin.jpg

Maquis Forces Marine Corps




MFMC Uniform Regs MFMC Units MFMC College Info

R.Johnson, IC

Hello, fellow MFI Jarheads :)

This is the proposed listing of units (MTOE) for the Marines (sans images of unit logos). This type of listing is proposed to replace the uneven, odd-sized, hard-to-read grid boxes on the curent unit page. Please proof read for errors, but I believe it is accurate, and in sync with the geo locations of the zones. It is intended (at theis time) to be published with Regimental emblems. The font will also be changed to something "more betterish".

Ralf White


                            MTOE MFI-M

1st Regiment

1st Brigade GEN Brian Jewett

    1st Bn Alabama 
    2nd Bn Georgia					GEN Brian Jewett
    3rd "Trident" Bn Florida				Major Anne Zecca
    4th Bn Mississippi
    5th Bn South Carolina

2nd Brigade COL Jason Cooper

    6th Bn Delaware, 
    7th Bn Kentucky
    8th Bn Maryland					LTCOL Rob Sargent
          MFS Pequawket Detachment			LTCOL Rob Sargent
    9th Bn North Carolina
   10th Bn Tennesee
           RECON LP Clarkesville			COL Jason Cooper
   11th Bn Virginia
   12th Bn West Virginia

3rd Brigade FCOL Larry Henderson

   13th Bn Connecticut
   14th Bn Massachusetts
           MFS Phantom Detachment "Good to Go" 	FCOL Larry Henderson
   15th Bn Maine
   16th Bn New Hampshire
   17th Bn New Jersey
   18th Bn New York
   19th Bn Pennsylvania				COL Kellian tr'Shikyrie
          MSS Thierrull Detachment			COL Kellian tr'Shikyrie (David Stayduhar)
   20th Bn Mississippi
   21st Bn Rhode Island

4th Brigade "Iron Brigade" COL Mike Wanie

   22nd Bn Illinois
   23rd Bn Indiana
          MAV Knight Errant Detachment		        COL Jay Winiecki 
   24th Bn Michigan					Field Marshal C. Doane
          Starbase Kalamazoo 'Highguard'			

Marine Special Ops Command LGEN Chad Etter

        RECON Outpost Pontiac		                COL Kai Fleis Davies(David House)
        MAS wlch Detachment				Lt. S.Elaine Wild
        MFS Liberty Detachment  			FMAR Christina Doane
     MNAS Detroit/VMF 101 Squadron 'The Jolly Rogers' 	BGEN Liam Collins    
   25th Bn Ohio					BGEN Dave Allen
          MFS Nelson Detachment			BGEN Allen
          Outpost Kondor RECON Company		        MAJ Keith Price
   26th Bn Wisconsin

5th Brigade MAJ Tom Webster

   27th Bn Iowa					MAJ Tom Webster
          RECON Outpost Kiowa				MAJ Tom Webster
   28th Bn Kansas
   29th Bn Missouri					COl Joe Ryan
          LP Grethor Marine Detachment			COl Joe Ryan
          MFS Antonio Marie Valsava Marine Det.	General (Res) David A. Miller
   30th Bn Minnesota
   31st Bn North Dakota
   32nd Bn Nebraska
   33rd Bn South Dakota

                                 2nd Regiment

6th Brigade

  34th Bn Arkansas
  35th Bn Louisiana
  36th Bn Oklahoma
  37th Bn Texas				        COL Glenna Juilfs
      MAV Lonestar Detachment			        COL Glenna Juilfs

7th Brigade (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)

  38th Bn Arizona
  39th Bn Colorado					MGSGM Mick Forand
         MFS Liberty Detachment			MGSGM Mick Forand
  40th Bn New Mexico					1st LT Manuel Fierro
         MFS Oro Grande Detachment			1st LT Manuel Fierro
  41th Bn Utah

8th Recon Brigade "Silent, but Deadly" MAJ Kenny DeWyse

  42nd Bn Idaho					MAJ Kenny DeWyse
         RECON Outpost Sun Valley			MAJ Kenny DeWyse
  43rd Bn Montana
  44th Bn Wyoming

9th Brigade FCOL "Crimson" Garner

  45th Bn Alaska
  46th Bn California
  47th Bn Hawaii
  48th Bn Nevada					FCOL "Crimson" Garner
         RECON Outpost Vegas				FCOL "Crimson" Garner
  49th Bn Oregon
  50th Bn Washington

10th Brigade (Europe) FCOL Razwana Bhatti

    51st Bn (UK)					FCOL Razwana Bhatti
           Starbase Essex Marine Detachment		FCOL Razwana Bhatti

                                   3rd Regiment  

11th Brigade (Canada)

    52nd Bn Canada						COL Harald Roehm
        RECON Outpost Caen "The Northern Guard Stands Ready"	
    53rd Bn Mexico

12th Brigade (Asia)

13th Brigade (Pacific)

14th Brigade (South America)

15th Brigade (Africa)

16th Brigade (VR) RADM/LtGEN Sam Cummings

   MFS Hellsfury Detachment				LTCOL Howard Knapp
   MFS Parallax Detachment				RADM S.Cummings
   Space Station Karag Detach				MGEN Matt Copple
   MFS Galaxy Detachment "Death or Glory Co."		CAPT Olga Illyanovitch

MIA Units

Marine Operations section spelling error

Just an FYI. I fixed the spelling on the word "Counselor" to match what has already been published in the MFI Handbook. Feel free to look at that section of the Handbook to see for yourself:

Col. Anne
Chief of Marine Ops, etc.

Minor grammatical tweaks

The section called "Marine Unit Types and Suggested Designations" has been tweaked for minor grammatical errors found in the Aviation subsection.

Col. Anne
Chief of Marine Ops, etc.


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