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hey, how does one start a 'new' page? When I go to UL a .html file, wiki tells me that html is an unsupported image type...??? -Liam

To start a new page, you simply put the name of the new page in the URL box of your browser after the "". So a new page would be:

It will create a blank page and you start coding.

The other way (and MAY be easier) is to add the "new page's" name as a link in the main page (like the others). Until you actually click on the link and start editing, the link will be colored Red. Once you click the link and start editing, the link will turn Blue.

Hope this makes sense,

MFS Pathfinder


I talked with Cary Griffin, CO of the Pathfinder, and he is a mrine and is planning on forming a unit on his chapter. I'll point him your way so he can be added to the MFMC roster.

--FCOL RTorres Aide-de-Camp, Marine Ops

From the Chief of Marine Operations

The Marines/units page was slightly edited to remove the parentheses from the list of states/countries listed under each regiment. It should look a little more "polished."

Lt. Col. Anne, Chief of Marine Ops

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