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Annnnnnd.. Here is a sampling of the real pins:

PIC 0337.JPG

Ruler 15.jpg Pd marine.jpg Pd soc.jpg Pd ssd.jpg Pd ktf forces.jpg
Marine Forces SOC Forces SSD Forces KTF Forces

I vote for the all of the pins (grin).. Here are the sizes we can order....

Pd sizes.jpg

- FADM Gary Davis

We have to do all pins the same size for each order. This .75 Pin will have to be on a different order.

Photodome Pin Proposals
Edit DISCUSSION page for your vote

Pd wings.jpg

1/2" Center for Maquis Pilot Wings


Rob's Vote

I like all the current proposals, but think the Empok Nor pin should be used as the HQ pin.

After all... Empok Nor IS MFI Headquarters.

(02/25/07 looks like enough agreed. It's been changed)

Perhaps use a Maquis Raider, across the Shell/Claw, to represent MFI Naval, as the "Original" (Canon) Maquis "Naval" Forces.

Or... Maybe Ben's Composit Shell-Raider Shell-Raider.png?
(02/25/07 Wow!! Both These ideas have been adopted too)

Rob Johnson

Samuel's Vote

I second Rob's vote... I like the Empok Nor logo for the HQ design. What say y'all?

I LOVE the Raider idea, Rob... Good suggestion!


Will's Comments

Gary, remember the lady justice? I'd like to see a CC only pin done with that. You showed me the image at the conference. Mind doing that up for us?

Paul's Comments

I designed 2 Logos for this Project, one for the Advisors Council and one for the MFMC General staff. I'm hoping Gary puts them up !

Cheers Paul

Rob's Submission

Using what Gary gave us as an excellent jumping off point for basic themes...
Here's my submissions for the MFI-HQ pin 75px and MFI Naval pin 75px.

Of course, you can Click on them for larger views.

Rob Johnson

Awesome suggestions... I'm working as fast as I can to keep up... keep it up... am gonna start adding the chapter submissions shortly.

- Gary

Steve's Comments

After looking at them all, the Naval pin seems plain. Is there a graphic to superimpose on it?
Could this one be used: Runabout2.jpg ...In shrunken form I mean...
On consideration, it might look better on the Full Claw. The raider used on the CO pin looks awesome, but it wouldn't do to have both pins with the same ship view.
Other options: Scout-Shuttle1.jpgValkyrie-4.jpgValkyrie-3.jpg

Logan's Comments

2/27/07 2024:

It's looking real good. I really like medals' ones. Is it possible that they can be made with rings for attaching to drapes? We might be able to to start making drapes with what Frank is working on. I'm looking at some things I have here. I can't find my actual military ribbons but I found some others I've picked up along the way. I'll try to get some pics for you later. On has the ring through the ribbon "flat" with the drape and then a connecting ring to the medalion which has a hole in it. Another has a flat ring in the drape and a similarly aligned one on the medalion and a connecting ring. But the one that might have the best possibility is the medalion is a pin with two prongs and they are attached to the bottom of the drape and then bent inwards. Can we get pins of these six?

Paul's Comments in support of Logan's Comments

I like Logan's Idea for the Award Pins, we've been fiddling around with the idea of actual Medals for some time now. Could this be a doable project with these pins ? I'd like to see this club be able to have medals, it would be a first for any Trek club and a feather in our cap !

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