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  • Chief of Communications -- COC or COMM {note this is not same as CSS}
  • Assistant ACAD -- suggest = ACAD2
  • Academy Misc Staff

  • 1. I dunno... Right now the COC IS the CSS.
As the 1st 7 IDs are CC Positions, if the COC does return as a CC position later on and replace one of the other 7, the ID# position name can always be edited.
  • 2. No other Assistants are listed (other than Asst. COO (Membership Director).
If you're going to add ACAD2, we may as well add ALL assistants (MFMC2, KTF2, Dep ZCs, everything. Perhaps down the road?
  • 3. I dunno... Why? Deans have a Db Purpose... Misc Staff doesn't.

I'm guessing that all positions listed thus far have a Db Purpose. The positions listed above don't appear to.

Remember... This is not as simple script. Logan would need to do A Lot more Db coding to accommodate more Position #s.

I dunno... (Shrug)

All positions on the CC and the ZC's have assistant positions listed on the table and thus have a number associated with them. Vice 'Dant is 43 BTW. I simply didn't put them out because I didn't want a flurry of "hey that position is open let me have it" starting up. If you want to see all of the positions that are available for use with the staff tag then login to the DB and go to the "Edit the Staff Table" option. The pull down menu will list all positions on the table. The list below it only shows what positions are filled. Most of the vice positions do not have abbreviations BTW

Adding more staff positions in and of themselves is not that hard. I just tack them on the end of the table. The hardest part is altering the numbers of the field I use for sorting them by seniority.

The Chief of Communications was originally #6, but I went ahead and changed it to Special Services since Communications doesn't exist anymore. If we have to add it back in then we can. Not too big a deal.

I put a lot of the positions on that table with thoughts to the future if we ever needed them. One like the ZC12 - ZC15 are examples. For the most part their only purpose within the DB is tracking who is in what position and the new staff tag. The table will also probably be used for the automated Hall of Honor.

Something to keep in mind. Once a script is done, adding data to the table is not hard. However, most ideas are not a simple matter of adding data but making new scripts. With the new staff tag we can add as many new positions as we wish. The hard part might be in adding new functionality to it such as having it output in different ways. Adding new FIELDS to the table is also harder as I then have to change scripts to use that new data.


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