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Silly Lists

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This is a place for members to add whatever lists they may like as it relates to Trek or Fandom if it's just likely to be suited to anywhere else on site. Members should please feel free to add more, just remember kids might look at this site and do you really want them to know just what you're up to when they aren't around? LOL. Enjoy! Requests for certain information or requests to assist in the gathering of information to be listed should be sent to

== You Might Be A Fan If ==

Some time ago Counselor Cathy Doane of the MFS Liberty sent her CO a funny list from those weirdos at It basically began a list for “You might be a Fan If..”. Below is the original list (1-20) plus items added by various MFI members.

1. You wouldn't mind if robots overthrew humanity as long as they were fueled by booze--or looked like 6.

2. You keep a cricket bat by your bed just in case.

3. You know where your towel is.

4. You know there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

5. You figure it's always PEBKAC.

6. You know his name isn't "Doctor Who."

7. You think science has a special smell. (It's probably the ozone.)

8. You know Han shot first.

9. You refer to your teenage years as "Pon Farr."

10. You have at least 3 computers in your house, with more in pieces for weekend projects, and a box full of outdated peripherals just in case.

11. Your vacation days are spent at cons--or recovering from cons.

12. You break warranties as a force of habit.

13. You've said "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" to a coworker, and there's a good chance you got paid for it.

14. You would like a peanut, thank you for asking.

15. You'd want something with some slink if you're gonna wear a dress.

16. You don't let anyone touch your red stapler.

17. You would consider buying a Roomba, Kinect, or 3D television, but only to hack.

18. You think your dice are trying to kill you.

19. You have time to read this because your code is compiling.

20. You're sad this list isn't 42 items long.

21.If you are running away from danger, you flip open your wallet and yell, "BEAM ME UP!" -From Force Captain Donna Parker, MFS Intrepid II.

22.Someone says 'Red Alert' in any work or other setting and you know exactly what to do-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

23.Making the suggestion to turn a car window Cling into a Clingon style person is met with "hey thats a good idea"-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

24.When you list weapons in your house it involves phasers and/or bladed weapons-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

25.You can curse in Klingon or Elvish-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

26.Someone says "Sheep for Wheat?" and you know what they mean-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

27.Invading a restaurant in full costume sounds like a great idea-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

28.If you have ever been asked, "Are you in a play/cult/movie?" while invading a mundane area in full costume-No seriously I've had this happen.--FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

29.You can read LEET speak-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

30.Will not let certain people use your dice because you are convinced they will jinx them-FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

31.Trying to get the plans so you can build your own blue police box with that whooshing noise -FADM Christina Doane, MFS Liberty.

32.You go to McDonalds for lunch in costume at a convention in Orlando, FL.. walk into a BUSY BUSY lunch rush and are mistaken for workers at Universal Studios-- ...True story! A bunch of us were attending a convention many many years ago.. and when the manager took us to the head of the busy line, we just kept our mouths shut as he told us that he'd get our lunch quick so we could get back to work!--FADM (Ret) Gary Davis, MFS Nebula

== A Fan's Trek Play List ==

Just what music do you think should be on the playlist of any Maquis, Trek Fan or a Fan in General? If this gets too big at some point we'll move it to its own page-Christina Doane, IC, MFI.

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