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Maquis Forces International
Commander of the M.S.S Serenity


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Lcars name.jpg Antonia Matthews
Lcars rank.jpg Fleet captain
Lcars dob.jpg 640904
Lcars pob.jpg clasified
Lcars e sfi.jpg clasified
Lcars l sfi.jpg clasified
Lcars j mfi.jpg clasified
Lcars assigns.jpg Commander M.S.S Serenity
Maquis Forces International Academy
Dean College of Klingon Studies
Professor of Law

Fleet Captain
Antonia Matthews


Captains Log, Stardate 20070909

The Dominion War is over and the Jem’Hadar facilities destroyed, so Starfleet claims. Maquis Command have reported several sightings and encounters with the Jem’Hadar, even if their facilities were destroyed it doesn’t mean they are no longer existent or not able to rebuild new ones. The Alphas always seemed more resilient than their Gamma brothers. I was ordered to set up a trading post on the far edge of the Badlands. The Badland settlers need this trading post urgently if they are ever going to resume life as it was before the Federation – Cardassian Treaty and the devastating Dominion War. Starfleet and the Cardys used to both have a space station in this area and both were destroyed by the Jem’Hadar during the war. We managed to salvage several parts from both stations and with the help of my engineers combining decks that are still usable. My next task will be to bring life to this rag tag station. I have contacted several traders and they are setting up their stores on the vendor deck. The new bar is coming along well and I hope to find someone interested in running it, there must be a ferengi around here somewhere willing to run his business on the station. Shuttle Bay and Ops are in progress and the engineering deck is coming along fine too. Unbelievable we have 11 decks and engineering have informed me we could add even more. Soon we will begin with the living quaters so we can finlly call this place our new home. I am extremely proud of what my crew have achieved and couldn’t imagine a better group of fine officers

Klingon Name: Antonia sutai maSwov yo'HoD / Fleet Capt. Antonia Matthews
Rank: DaHar Master, yo'HoD (Fleet Captain)
E-mail: Antonia Matthews
Homepage: Klingon Academy
Occupation MFI: Maquis Forces International Academy, Dean College of Klingon Studies, Professor of Law
Occupation KTF: Klingon Task Force, TRAINDOC
Birthday: 4. September 1964
Residence: Rotterdam, Nederland
Occupacion RL: Transport Manager


This is a great idea and I luv it.

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