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Force Captain Barbara Adams
Membership Department Head

Real Life File


Real Name Barbara Adams
Occupation: Clerk, State of Maryland Dept of Assessments and Taxation
Date of Birth 20 October, 1963
Place of Birth Norfolk, VA
Education Edgewood High School - 1982

Associates Degree - Programming

Family: Children: Zachary (1999)
Fan Club Experience: MFS Trinity 1993- Present

MFI Awards Department -
MFI Membership Department -



Barbara started out by attending a convention at Hunt Valley in the early 1990's. Next thing she knew she was part of the first trek fan club on the Eastern Shore as far as she has been able to find out. It started as a shuttle with Starfleet International then within 2 year moved to IFT (International Federation of Trekkers). Another 2 years saw us move to MFI. The reason mainly was politics. She has found MFI a good place to be and along the way Trinity left ships with both Starfleet ( USS Lone Wolf ) and IFT ( USS Phoenix ).

Barbara has a son named Zachary and is engaged to Mark Marshall( Logan Andrews )

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