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COMO Brian Pickett

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Lcars name.jpg Bre T'Riellis
Lcars rank.jpg Commodore
Lcars dob.jpg 234509.23
Lcars pob.jpg Northern Wastes, Andoria
Lcars assigns.jpg


MFS Aquila, Zone 9 201406.15 to Present

MFS Aurora, Zone 9 201005.25 to 201406.15

          Director, Special Security Division   201205.10 to 201501.20
Maquis Charities Task Force Member 201010.15 to Present
Zone Nine Coordinator 201203.20 to 201501.20
International Coordinator 201501.18 to 201601.11



In 2390, Breimh took command of the MFS Aurora (NX-97000) after Captain Sephron of Vulcan was killed in a battle with Tholian Webspinners, while trying to defend a Gorn Cruiser. Later that year, it was Breimh's efforts to broker for peace with both the Gorn and Tholian that brought the Gorn Hedgemony into the Federation, and later enlisted the help of members of the houses within the Hedgemony to assist with the efforts of funneling supplies and information to the Maquis.

Col. Breimh T'Riellis noticed the structure of the Maquis, he saw the deterioration and thin defenses within; realizing it was ripe for exploitation he stepped in to offer assistance. Making the most that the universe had to offer, Breimh also managed to gain the alleigance of the Caitian people in 2394, foiling an attack by the Dominion, ensuring the last vestiges of the SSD and Coordinator's Council were safe from collapse from within. Through these efforts, and the gratitude of the Council, the Aurora became the flagship to lead the ranks of the Special Security Division.

Through his actions, Breimh tackled the mission to rebuild the SSD, recruiting valuable Officers and enlisted members within the ranks of MFI, sweeping in where ever the safety and sanctity of life might be in danger within the Maquis Territories. Some presumed that Col. T'Riellis might have had some hidden agenda, particularly with the training of new recruits within the SSD, especially due to the organization's checkered past. But he has - over the course of time - shown the citizens who reside in the Badlands that he has nothing to hide by offering full disclosure on all investigations performed by the SSD. Breimh even works to reassure those who are concerned, making additional changes to the Special Security Division to serve Maquis as first-responders to other emergency and crisis-intervention situations as well as those involving their defense.

Most recently, this heroic Andorian has commandeered a Norway Class vessel from Starfleet, just after being promoted to Force Colonel, with his most loyal crew members. After completing operations of modifying it, both internally and externally to prepare it for border skirmishes, the intrepid crew faced down hordes of the invasive, dreaded Flork population. This vessel, re-christened the MFS Aquila, has become one of the first of a new breed of heavy cruiser for the use and defense of the Maquis Forces.

With another victory over those that would plunder the Maquis for their precious resources, enough popularity was gained for Bre that he reluctantly became the Force Admiral of the Maquis Forces. Racing through the Badlands to where they have been needed, the newly minted Aquila and her Force Admiral faced a more overwhelming challenge as the dreaded Dominion forces and their allies closed in on the Badlands. With enough advance warning and a daring plan, Bre lead by example in showing cells, colonies and outposts across the sector how to make it appear as if they had been decimated by their attackers. Once the enemy fleet was gone, the Maquis were quickly able to regroup, count true losses as compared to what they made the Dominion believe, and began to rebuild.

With such a serious threat out of the way, the Aquila was decommissioned and her commanding officer has returned to a quieter life of investigation, working aboard the MFS Impetuous as head of the zone's best forensic medical team. The Force Admiral stepped down to allow others to run things, requesting a reduction in rank to that which he had striven so long to achieve, that of Commodore, as those of his lineage have managed to be promoted to for many generations past.


Brian Pickett is a long-time role-player and creative writer who loves socialization and sharing in fun activities as much as he loves to help those in need. His work with charitable organizations began in 1975 when he led his cub-scout troupe in helping to wash and groom pets at the local animal-shelter, began a collection for non-perishable food to needy families at his school and advocating literacy to others (like himself) who suffered from dyslexia by tutoring other students - which in turn started a reading and writing club, with the assistance of his teacher, as an after-school activity.

Brian has worked as a para-educator, and an assistant researcher with those who register in the various spectrum of Autism. And previous to these positions, worked as a Home-Health Care Worker to assist in daily living needs for the terminal and physically disabled elderly population of his community. He has worked in the field of security, and lead his neighborhood watch in two of the communities (cities) he has resided in in his lifetime. Today, he works as a freelance writer and editor, and spends time creating new and interesting ways to encourage fun and charitable activities for his local group of friends who make up the crew of the Aurora, in each of it's fandom incarnations.

SFI - USS Aurora, Region 5 200808.21 to 201406.15

          SFA Director (COC, CAOC, CTOC, MO, CX)   200904.10 to 201103.15
SFA, COS & CST Director 201205.15 to 201304.01
SFMCA, Deputy Commander Training & Command - Doctrine Branch 201207.01 to 201404.01

GLC - Aquila Sector *Guardian Trainer (Guardian of Will) 200905.10 to Present

CMoD - Commander, Battlestar Aurora 201111.10 to 201405.25

          BS 84 - Flagship, Aquarian Fleet 201111.05
Viper Pilot - VFA 1033 "Warbirds" W12758A 201111.20
Colonial Ministry of Defense Charities Director201204.06

Seattle Browncoats 201006.08 to 201308.25

Anla-Shok - Shok Na (Whitestar 77 Captain) 201005.15 to 201411.01

HP&tWW - Rookforthe Wizarding Academy, Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor, Deputy Headmaster 201011.25 to Present

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