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Maquis Forces International
Admiral David A. Miller, MD

MFI Personnel File

01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg David A. Miller, MD
Lcars rank.jpg Admiral pip_adm_red.jpg
Lcars dob.jpg 6108.31 (Old Earthdate)
Lcars pob.jpg Yokosuka, Japan, Terra, Sol System
Lcars e sfi.jpg 8810.01 (Old Earthdate)
Lcars l sfi.jpg 9310.01 (Old Earthdate)
Lcars j mfi.jpg 9310.01 (Old Earthdate)
Lcars assigns.jpg USS Discovery (Starfleet)

USS Antonio Maria Valsalva (Starfleet)
USS Antonio Maria Valsalva (Starfleet Command)
USS Antonio Maria Valsalva (UFPI)
Marine Ground Base Tobruk (SMI)
301st Marine Strike Group "Brandenburg" (SMI)
218th Marine Strike Group (Medical) (SFMC)



MFI Rank Admiral
MFI Assignments Special Security Division

Special Security College, MFI Academy
MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva MCC-4101
Marine Detachment "Valsalva"
SSD Detachment "Valsalva"

MFI Positions Training Director, Special Security Division

Dean, Special Security College
Commanding Officer, MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva MCC-4101
Officer-in-Charge, Marine Detachment "Valsalva"
Officer-in-Charge, SSD Detachment "Valsalva"
Former Zone 5 Coordinator
Former Dean, Law College, MFI Academy
Former Dean, Liberal Arts College, MFI Academy
Former Associate Professor, College of Science, MFI Academy
Former Deputy Director, Special Security Division
Former Interim Dean, Liberal Arts College, MFI Academy
Former MFI Academy Certificate Coordinator
Former Executive Officer, MFS Excalibur MCC-74214

MFI Service Record Executive Officer, MFS Excalibur, 0307.02 - 0408.31

Commanding Officer, MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva, 0410.10 - Present
MFI Academy Certificate Coordinator, 0411.13 - 0411.24
Associate Professor, College of Science, MFI Academy, 041x.xx - xxxx.xx
Officer-in-Charge, Marine Detachment "Valsalva", 0411.xx - Present
Deputy Director, Special Security Division, 0411.26 - 0509.14
Dean, Special Security College, MFI Academy, 0501.06 - Present
Interim Dean, Liberal Arts College, MFI Academy, 0503.09 - 0503.15
Training Director, Special Security Division, 0509.14 - Present
Zone 5 Coordinator, 0512.15 - 0806.02
Dean, Law College, MFI Academy, xxxx.xx - 0806.02
Dean, Liberal Arts College, MFI Academy xxxx.xx - 0806.02

MFI Ship's Service MFS Excalibur MCC-74214, 0307.01 - 0408.31

MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva MCC-4101, 0410.10 - Present

MFI Honors MFI Unit of the Year 2003 (MFS Excalibur), 0401.xx

Zone 5 Unit of the Year 2003 (MFS Excalibur), 0401.xx
Zone 5 Naval Liaison Ribbon, 0410.28
Maquis Community Service Ribbon, 0412.06
Maquis Convention Service Ribbon, 0412.06
Zone 5 Naval Achievement Ribbon, 0501.01
Zone 5 Naval Achievement Ribbon, 0504.01
Zone 5 Unit of the Year 2005 (MFS A.M. Valsalva), 0603.01
MFI Commendation Medal, 0702.23
Maquis Civilian Service Ribbon, 0702.23
Zone 5 Coordinator Ribbon, 0702.23
Zone 5 Marine Liaison Ribbon, 0702.23
Zone 5 SSD Liaison Ribbon, 0702.23
MFI Achievement Medal, 0805.28
SSD Commendation Medal, xxxx.xx
SSD Achievement Medal, xxxx.xx
Echelon Badge Campaign Ribbon, xxxx.xx
Rank Pin Campaign Ribbon, xxxx.xx

MFI Academy Ribbons Aviation College Ribbon with Three Stars (Honors)

Communications College Ribbon with One Star
Computer Science College Ribbon with One Star (Honors)
Engineering College Ribbon with Fourteen Stars (Honors)
Klingon Studies College Ribbon with Six Stars (Honors)
Law College Ribbon with Twelve Stars (Honors)
Leadership Development School Ribbon with Two Stars (Honors)
Liberal Arts College Ribbon (Honors)
Marine Academy Studies Ribbon with Sixteen Stars (Honors)
Marine Academy Studies NCO Course Ribbon (Honors)
Marine Academy Studies OCS Course Ribbon (Honors)
Medicine College Ribbon with Four Stars (Honors)
Science College Ribbon with Three Stars
Special Operations Command College Ribbon with One Star
Special Security College Ribbon
New Member Exam Ribbon
Cell Commander Exam Ribbon
Maquis Pilot Wings, 0410.22
Maquis Flight Leader wings, 0410.28
Maquis Squadron Leader Wings, 0410.28
Klingon Studies College wa'vatlh Pin'a' po' with Bat'leth Medal, 0411.03

MFI Academy Degrees Bachelors Degree in Marine Studies, Summa Cum Laude, 0410.24

Bachelors Degree in Law, 0410.25
Foundation Degree in ElectorOptic & Communication Engineering, 0410.27
Foundation Degree in Starship Systems Engineering, 0410.28
Specialists Degree in Technology (Transporter Technology), 0410.31
Bachelors Degree in Engineering with Honors (Starship Systems Engineering), 0410.30
Masters Degree in Law, 0410.30
Masters Degree in Engineering (Starship Systems Engineering), 0410.31

MFI Academy Author LIB 110 Terran History: US Presidents

LIB 111 Terran History: The United Nations
LIB 202 Art Appreciation
LIB 203 Music Appreciation
LIB 204 Comparative Literature
LIB 210 Mythology
SCI 102 Planetology I
SCI 104 Nutrition I
SCI 106 Anthropology
SCI 202 Planetology II
SCI 204 Nutrition II
SCI 302 Planetology III
SCI 304 Nutrition III
SCI xxx GeoScience I: Metals, Minerals, and Ores
SCI xxx GeoScience II: Atmospheric Sciences
SCI xxx GeoScience III: Metallurgy
SSD 201 Intelligence Report: Klingon Personnel
SSD 202 Intelligence Report: Klingon Personnel II
SSD 203 Intelligence Report: Romulan Personnel
SSD 204 Intelligence Report: Cardassian Personnel
SSD 205 Intelligence Report: Dominion Personnel
SSD 210 Intelligence Report: Ferengi Personnel
SSD 211 Intelligence Report: Vulcan Personnel
SSD 212 Intelligence Report: Bajoran Personnel
SSD 220 Intelligence Report: Starfleet Flag Officers
SSD 221 Intelligence Report: Starfleet Flag Officers II
SSD 301 Tactical Studies: Federation Starship Classes
SSD 302 Tactical Studies: Advanced Federations Starship Classes
SSD 304 Tactical Studies: Federation Shuttlecraft Recognition
SSD 350 Strategic Operations: Federation Starbases
SSD 351 Strategic Operations: Outposts and Facilities
SSD 352 Strategic Operations: Federation Colonies
SSD 360 Strategic Operations: Terrorist Groups and Other Factions


Real Life File


Real Name David A. Miller, MD
Occupation: Physician (Family Medicine)

Lt. Colonel, Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary

Date of Birth August 31, 1961
Place of Birth Yokosuka, Japan
Education Univ. of Missouri - St. Louis

Univ. of Missouri - Columbia School of Medicine
Webster University

Family: Wife Nikki, two sons Christopher and Max
Fan Club Experience: Chief of Staff, Starfleet

Chief of Staff, Starfleet Region 12
Fleet Division Chief of Medicine, Starfleet
Correspondence Chapter CO, Starfleet
Marine Brigade OIC (Interim), Starfleet Marine Corps
Marine Battalion OIC, Starfleet Marine Corps
Marine Strike Group OIC, Starfleet Marine Corps
Surgeon General, Starfleet Command
Chapter CO, Starfleet Command
Chief of Operations, Starfleet Marines International
Surgeon General, Starfleet Marines International
Marine Regiment OIC, Starfleet Marines International
Marine Chapter CO, Starfleet Marines International
Marine Strike Group OIC, Starfleet Marines International
Sector Chief, United Federation of Planets Internationale
Design Team CO, United Federation of Planets Internationale



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