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Red-alert.gif Andorian Derick wildstar.jpg Arrow.gif

Lcars L-Blank7.jpgFile Name:Derick Merlin Wildstar

Lcars L-Blank7.jpgBirthdate: Stardate 7109.21

Lcars L-Blank7.jpgCall sign : Barbarian

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Rank :Ssd tunic col.jpg Colonel

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Primary Specialty : Engineering / Aviation Squadron Commander

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Secondary Military Specialty: Medic/ Chaplain

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Persona race: Andorian

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Favorite Quote: "Let's Bend some tailpipe's!"

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Biography:

A throw back to another era when men were men and women were women and they dressed and behaved so you could tell, there was no such thing as "Google" Cell phones, or xbox game systems, and families actually sat down to dinner together, and children actually played outside rather then the only real exercise most get being their thumb and forefingers on a game control pad. As a result I'm Not really popular among many beings, as a direct result of being "to Honest", I prefer to think of it as "Radically honest" and I hold old fashioned to views that are considered outdated, outmoded and obsolete. I tend to be a loner and consider the rest of the world to be an Insane asylum. I Currently Resides in Fort Wayne Indiana I have seven sons and one Daughter and I' am Married to my awesome ole lady and worlds very best Great Old Broad Melissa yolanda Wildstar. Colonel Wildstars Facebook Page can be viewed at . and he can be reached at . The MFS Christine Hoagland can be viewed at

Qualified in starship Engineering, starship Command, and Medical service. Ranger team qualified.

Expert in Starfleet type III Phaser rifle, as well as Starfleet compression Rifle but prefers the Andorian Ushaan-tor, a hand held bladed weapon as well as the klingon bat'leth, an Mek'Leth prefering to look an enemy in the eyes.

Specialize's in Real Life Military Aviation and Knowledge of Military Aircraft in many of the worlds Air Arms as well as naval Arms. Also a survivalist and all around thorn in the sides of the "respectable"people.

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Service record:

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS BISMARK NCC-3141 Starfleet 5th Fleet (Region 5)

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS RELIANT NCC-1864 Starfleet 4th Fleet (Region 4)

Chief Engineering Officer USS MELISSA ETHERIDGE NCC-2024

Chief Engineering officer/Commander Air Group MFS HAKUNA MATATA NCC-8162 Squadron Commander VMF-54 The "Blacktigers" (Maquis Forces International)

Commanding Officer MFS CHRISTINE HOAGLAND NCC-80113, squadron Commander VMC-513th "Flying Nightmares" Compostie squadron (Maquis Forces International)

Chief Engineering Officer USS ATLANTIS StarFleet 15th Fleet (Region 15)

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS CENTURION Starfleet 4th Fleet (Region 4)

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS JACK FLETCHER NCC-2127 StarFleet 5th Fleet (Region 5)

Chief Chaplain USS JACK FLETCHER NCC-2127 Starfleet 5TH Fleet (Region 5)

Non Commissioned Officer in Charge of USS Christine Hoagland NCC-11678 Starfleet region 1

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Commendations and awards:

Commendation for Engine Design.

Commendation for Inovative Starship Design.

Distiguished Service cross.

Starfleet legion of Merit 1st class.

Commendation for Meritorious service.

Starfleet Marine corps Medals Awarded:

Legion of Valor

Meritorious Unit Citation

Legion of Valor

Initial Entry Training Award

Order Of Merit, 1st Class

Lcars L-Blank7.jpg Persona:Shasth'zarath

Shasth'zarath is an andorian male, who has served in a number of wars on behalf of the Andorian people as a member of the Elite Andorian Imperial Guard. often just refered to by friends and enemies alike as simply "zarath" as Andorian names are often difficult for off worlders to pronounce.Zarath is currently assigned to the Command of MFS CHRISTINE HOAGLAND MCC-80113 the first "Aegis" Class Multi-purpose Hospital starship to enter service with the Maquis fleet.

Zarath is also in command of the 182ND Marine Strike Group the "Cosmos Tigers special Mission Force Embarked aboard the MFS (USS) CHRISTINE HOAGLAND. Zarath began his career with Starfleet and the Maquis due to the tradition of Military service among the Andorian people.

Zarath is a graduate of the Maquis academy, as well as Starfleet academy graduating with Honors upon completing Officers Command College and the College of spirituality. Zarath holds advanced degrees in warp field Mechanics, and Starship Design and Construction and is regarded as one of the fleets most gifted Engineers, having designed the Regal class fighter carriers and supervised the design and construction of the MFS Christine Hoagland.

Zarath is an expert in hand to hand combat, klingon weapons,Vulcan martial arts, and is an expert in Guerrilla warfare , as well as a former academy Instructor teaching Starship basic and advanced Starship Engineering, and Aviation.

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