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Maquis Gras 2005 Article

Another year has come and gone. You spend months looking forward to a convention and in a blink of an eye you’re packing the car to go home. This Maquis Gras was particularly emotional since it was the tenth year. Ten long but often happy years and boy did we have fun this time around. There was the adventure of having a three floor hotel but no working elevator (alot of the time lol). I am sure everyone has their ‘convention stories’ and can relate *grin*. Some members of Zone 4 got there early afternoon, since we were helping out with the game room we wanted to get there early....well that and I’d been looking forward to this for months and months *huge grin*.

I got a list of pictures about the pie’ing, see the story is to raise money for our Jediwebmaster Admiral Luara Hartwell, Gary bravely offered to get Pie'd by the ones giving the most. MFA won but RL wouldn't let him make good on that debt but finally this past year he came to get his 'just desserts' *grin*. The pictures are below for all to enjoy.*grin*. There was also trivia and the Stars being their usual insane selves. Btw to be truly scared you must listen to Galwron and Martok sing ‘Its all about the Klingons Baby’ from their CD ‘Kling Bling’. Yeah. I know.

The Game Room (run by members of the MFS Liberty and others) was a big hit we had board games, X-Box and Role-Playing Games. Friends help you move real friends give you a 5-second head start in halo.....

Oh and the game room raised 115 dollars for Habitat for Humanity to help the Katrina victims plus the convention overall raised more for their charities then ever! Exact numbers not available yet but estimated over a 1,000 more then usual :). WOOHOO!!!! Saturday night was full of hanging out with friends until sleep finally demanded attention. And thats the best part, the friends not the sleeping lol. There’s games, trivia, stuff to buy, and the Stars buts its the friends that make this con great. Its like a family reunion (There's a Moogie and a Crazy Uncle Ed even) and like family they will guilt you into coming if you try to skip out on a reunion...just kidding ;)...maybe LOL. Oh big announcement for our Allies in MFA:

Fleet Admiral Be'jen zantai-minn'hor
Admiral To'pIQ zantai-minn'hor
Admiral Moogie zantai-minn'hor

Or Cindy Faraone, Ed Garza, and Kat Garza of the Klingon House of Cow (seriously *grin*) finally got their just desserts when the Chancellors, at a special ceremony, Honored them with the title of Epetai or Thought Admiral. Literally this means who holds that title is the heart and soul, or guiding force of a House or organization. And in this case its very true. These three are vital to MFA and the fandom they serve, this is a long time coming. Well done guys. *Salute*. I am sure I am missing a ton of stuff but if I were to list all the cool stuff that went on this Maquis Gras I’d take up a ton of pages and I still have pictures to show you. And away we go:

General Convention Photos
Force Admiral Gary Davis (RET) Getting his 'just desserts'

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