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Lcars name.jpg Greg Preast
Lcars rank.jpg Force Colonel
Lcars dob.jpg 7303.06
Lcars pob.jpg LaGrange, GA
Lcars e sfi.jpg 0412.05
Lcars l sfi.jpg 0612.05
Lcars j mfi.jpg 20059.10
Lcars assigns.jpg
Pd marine.jpg
Former CO - MFS Rebel Pride

Former CO - LP Linwood

CO - MFS Determined
Commandant - Maquis Forces Marine Corps

108px-Commbadge_mfmc.jpg SOC_Provocateur_Wings.JPG
Mficm1.jpgCommandant's Sword of Merit Citation.jpg
Marine Regimental Service Commendation Ribbon.jpgNavCampaign1-Honors.jpgNewMemberExam
KTFProject R-19-7.JPGMilserv.jpg
Squadronleaderwings.jpg tier_iv.jpg

NOTE: CAPT Preast conceived and successfully concluded a MFI RP SIM mission to locate, salvage, and tow away the Pegasus abandoned in the Badlands by the Federation. Pegasus is being held in a secure shipyard facility being overhauled and upgraded for MFI use.


Changeling Yazdir, ZC1
16 September, 2008