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Name: Joshua Laury (Telek Dharvanek)
Rank: Force Admiral
Member Number: MFI-RM-1007
Department: Command
Join Date: 2010-04-09
Assignment: MFS Exploration MCC - 41786 / International Coordinator, MFI
Position: Commanding Officer
Date of Birth: April 17, 2350 | Stardate: 35004.17
Planet of Birth: Val'danadex Trel, Romulus (Romulan Star Empire)
Planet Raised On: Vulcana Regar, Vulcan
Species: Romulan / El-Aurian (Surgically Altered To Appear Human)
Age: 29 (Earth Years)

MFI Headquarters Staff International Coordinator Vice International Coordinator Agent of the SSD Commanding Officer MFS Exploration MFI Academy Graduate Sciences College Dean Romulan Legions MFI Achievement Medal SSD Agent


Pd mfi.jpg

2010-04-09 - Joined MFI; Assigned the rank of Commander; Assigned to MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946
2010-04-10 - Assigned to the First Officer (XO) Position on the MFS Blazing Swords
2010-12-12 - Transferred to MFS Intrepid II
2011-01-02 - Assigned to the Second Officer's Position on the MFS Intrepid II
2011-01-15 - Presented the MFI Achievement Medal by Force Colonel Anne Zecca - for the hard work done in the Maquis Information Project.
2011-01-15 - Presented the MFI Rebel of the Year Award By Force Admiral Christina Doane - For his dedication to the Maquis way, for his dedication and sense of espirit de corps. And for generally being a good Maquis
2011-05-14 - Organized & Attended the memorial for Commander Noah Henry.
2011-07-12 - Assigned the rank of Captain; Transfered to MFS Exploration as Commanding Officer.
2011-08-08 - Promoted to Rank of Brevet Force Captain and made the Chief of Operations for MFI
2012-01-24 - Assigned to the Sciences College Dean Position at the Maquis Academy by Major General Marc Easterly
2012-04-24 - Assigned to the Maquis Special Security Division as a Special Agent by Former Chief Force Admiral Gary Davis.
2012-06-12 - Assuming the Zone 1 Coordinator's Position until new replacement can be selected.
2012-07-08 - Assuming the Zone Coordinator's Position for Zones 5, 7 & 11 until new replacements can be selected.
2013-03-03 - I have relinquished command of Zone 4 & Zone 5 to their new coordinators.
2013-07-07 - Arranging a small memorial service for the loss of Captain Kate Laury.
2014-01-20 - Appointed to the position of Administration Officer in The Department of Security Computer Operations of SSD by Force Colonel Brian Pickett
2014-02-24 - Promoted to the Rank of Commodore by Force Admrial Christina Doane
2015-01-19 - Was elected to the position of Vice International Coordinator and assumed the Rank of Admiral.
2015-06-02 - MFI Achievement Medal Awarded January 18, 2015 for service to the MFI Academy.
2016-01-12 - Assumed the position of International Coordinator following the Resignation of Force Admiral Brian Pickett.



Ship: MFS Exploration
Registry Number: MCC - 41786
MFI Database Number: MFI-RC-183332
Commanding Officer: Commodore Joshua Laury
First Officer: Commander Jeremy Laury
Position: Commanding Officer
Transferred From: MFS Intrepid II
Time on MFS Exploration: July 12, 2011 - Present | Stardates: 64807.12 - Present


Department: Coordinator Council
Position: International Coordinator
Vice International Coordinator: Admiral Steve Lackey, IC
Chief of Staff: Force Admiral Gary Davis, COS
Chief of Operations: Force Captain Michael Tolleson, COO
International Coordinator: January 12, 2016 - Present | Stardates: 68301.19 - Present

Pd acad staff.jpg

Department: Maquis Academy
Academy Commandant: Admiral Steve Lackey
Position: Academy Dean
College: Sciences
Date Assigned: 2012-01-24
Member of Academy Staff: January 24, 2012 - Present | Stardates: 65301.24 - Present

Pd ssd1.jpg

Department: Special Security Division
Division: Security Computer Operations
Division Director: Force Admiral Brian Pickett
Position: Administration Officer (DSCO) & SSD Special Agent
Base of Operations: Echo Base
Ship: Detachment Commander of MFS Exploration SSD Agents
Date Assigned: 2012-04-24
Date Assigned to DSCO: 2014-01-20
Member of SSD: April 24, 2012 - Present | Stardates: 65604.24 - Present



Department: Coordinator Council
Position: Vice International Coordinator
International Coordinator: Force Admiral Brian Pickett, IC
Chief of Staff: Lieutenant General Marc Easterly, COS
Chief of Operations: Force Captain Michael Tolleson, COO
Vice International Coordinator: January 19, 2015 - January 12, 2016 | Stardates: 68301.19 - Present

Mfi coo.jpg

Department: Coordinator Council
Position: Chief of Operations / Chief of Naval Operations
International Coordinator: Force Admiral Christina Doane, IC
Vice International Coordinator: Vice Admiral Frank Parker, Jr, VIC
Chief of Staff: Admiral Steve Lackey, COS
Chief of Operations: August 8, 2011 - January 19, 2015 | Stardates: 64908.08 - 68301.19


Ship: MFS Intrepid II
Registry Number: MFI-RC-112107
Commanding Officer: Force Captain Donna GS Parker
First Officer: Captain Joann Nickerson
Position: Second Officer
Transferred From: MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946
Time on MFS Intrepid II: December 12, 2010 - July 12, 2011 | Stardates: 64312.12 - 64807.12


Ship: MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946
Registry Number: MFI-RC-183320
Commanding Officer: Captain John Kraly II
First Officer: Commander Joshua Laury
Position: First Officer (Executive Officer)
Transfered From: N/A - I joined Maquis Forces International and Joined the Blazing Swords
Time on MFS Blazing Swords: April 09, 2010 - December 12, 2010 | Stardates: 63604.09 - 64312.12



Naval Commendation New Member Exam Aviation College

Communications College Computer Science College Engineering College

Law College Leadership Development College Liberal Arts College

Medical College Sciences College Dean 6 year service

MFI Rebel of the Year Ribbon Netiquette Ribbon MFI Achievement Award

Naval Achievement Award Zone VR Rebel of the Year Ribbon LDO 2011


Pilot's Wings

tier_ic.jpg tier_i.jpg tier_iii.jpg
International Coordinator - IC Coordinator Council - Tier I Academy Dean - Tier III
tier_iv.jpg tier_v.jpg tier_vi.jpg
Commanding Officer - Tier IV Executive Officer - Tier V MFI Member - Tier VI
Ssd badge 2.jpg
SSD Special Agent





              101: Maquis Pilot               
              102: History of Space Flight 


              101: MFI Netiquette 


              101: Introduction to Computer Sciences 


              101: Introduction to Engineering 
              201: Mekk Engineer Course 


              101: Introduction to Law
              104: Introduction to Planetary Law 


              101: New Member Exam 
              102: Basic Convention Security               
              103: Maquis Rank Recognition
              104: Ribbon Recognition
              201: Cell Command College 
              202: Advanced Convention Security                 
              301: Convention Security Commander 


              101: Terran History: American Presidents 
              202: Art Appreciation 


              101: Basic Medicine 
              103: Medical Terminology
              104: Medical Equipment               
              110: Ship's Counselor 


              101: General Science 
              102: Planetology I
              103: Astronomy I
              104: Nutrition I
              201: Chemistry I 
              203: Astronomy II	
              204: Nutrition II	
              301: Chemistry II	
              302: Planetology III	
              303: Astronomy III	
              304: Nutrition III 


RS101: Intro to Romulan Language


NAME: Joshua Laury (Telek Dharvanek)
DATE OF BIRTH: 35004.17 (April 17, 2350)
PLANET OF BIRTH: Val'danadex Trel, Romulus
PLANET RAISED ON: Vulcana Regar, Vulcan

FAMILY: Father: Mother: Adoptive Father: Adoptive Mother:
NAME: Dhiemm Dharvanek Lerian Dharvanek Taurik T'Prynn
SPECIES: Romulan El-Aurian Vulcan Vulcan
STATUS: Deceased Deceased Active Active
PROFESSION: Vice-Chairman of the Tal Shiar Mother Scientist at the Vulcan Science Academy Doctor at the Vulcan Ministry of Medicine
FAMILY: Adopted Grandmother Best Friend
NAME: T'Leia Kritash (CG9-3PO)
SPECIES: Vulcan Cybot Galactica 3PO Series Protocol Droid
STATUS: Deceased Active
PROFESSION: Retired Vulcan Ambassador Officer of the MFS Exploration


Telek Dharvanek was born on the planet Romulus in the city of Val'danadex Trel on Stardate 35004.17 and his parents were Admiral Dhiemm Dharvanek (Romulan National) and Lerian Dharvanek (El-Aurian Refugee). Dhiemm was a ruthless father who demanded complete obedience from Lerian and was not pleased at her being pregnant with Telek. According to the information provided by Lerian there were a lot of beatings and threats against her life. Dhiemm was an Admiral within the Romulan Military and also Vice-Chairman of the Tal Shiar. On Stardate 35008.20 Lerian stole a Romulan Patrol ship and attempted to defect to the Federation but when attempting to cross the Neutral Zone Dhiemm pursed her in his personal warbird (IWB T'Tpalok) and attacked the patrol ship. Captain Nikolai Lozarron of the USS Valley Forge (Excelsior Class, NCC - 43305) responded to the violation of the Neutral Zone. According to Captain Lozarron when they approached the Neutral Zone they detected a vessel re-cloaking and re-entering Romulan Space and found debris of a small vessel. No visual contact was made.

The USS Valley Forge proceeded to examine the wreckage of the vessel and discovered it was Romulan in origin and decided to see if anything was salvageable. The away team which included Commander T'Prynn (Chief Medical Officer) & Lieutenant Commander Taurik (Science Officer) both Vulcan officers who had experience in Romulan technology. Apparently upon arrival they found Lerian barely alive and she asked if they would take Telek with them to Vulcan so he could have a chance at a life. T'Prynn attempted to save Lerian but her wounds were too severe. She was defecting so she and Telek could start a new life within the Federation. She gave T'Prynn and Taurik a data rod that contained holo-images of Telek and Herself and all of his personal data. She passed away not long after that. T'Prynn & Taurik decided that they should honor the final request of Lerian and had Telek sedated and beamed back over to the Valley Forge and was kept hidden from all on board. [According to Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Dharvanek was executed by the Tal Shiar on Stardate 35010.01 because of the fact that his wife and child attempted defection to the Federation]


T'Prynn & Taurik returned to Vulcan with the infant child and discussed how to raise the child. T'Prynn and Taurik had been married for over 80 years but were never able to have children. They decided to raise the Telek as Vulcan and teach him the Logic of Surak. But there was one major decision that was needed…what to do about Telek's Appearance. (Vulcans and Romulans are slightly different in appearance) They knew if they altered Telek's appearance to be that of a Vulcan he (Telek) would never be able to fully master the Vulcan way of life. Romulans do not posses the mental capacity to have the telepathic capabilities that Vulcan's have. Plus trying to explain his chaotic behavior to the others would prove to be difficult. So the decision was made to alter his appearance to look Human. They had his name changed to Joshua Laury and falsified his birth records. Taurik requested a transfer to the Vulcan Science Institute so he could be closer to home.

During Taurik's time there he developed an advanced form of an Edict Pin, which not only projects a false Bio-Sign but also alters DNA Scans. The pin was hidden within a Vulcan Pendant that was put around Telek's Neck and was always to be worn. T'Prynn transferred to the Vulcan Medical Institute and began research into how to change his blood from green to red. The process although successful, was not without side effects. Telek's blood was changed from green to red but he required weekly injections to keep it that way but also his body would have major difficulty adapting to the changes. Being a Doctor, T'Prynn was able to keep his true self away from the others. The Alterations were successful and Telek Dharvanek a Romulan Child became Joshua Laury a Human Child. [Much of Josh's Personal Life on Vulcan is unknown to Starfleet at this time]


Josh joined Starfleet Academy on Stardate 36808.25 (August 25, 2368) and excelled in Psychology and Alpha/Beta Quadrant Histories. He graduated near the top of his class on Stardate 37206.21 (June 12, 2372) Ensign Laury was assigned to Starbase 234 near the Romulan Boarder as Counselor and Historian on Stardate 37207.15 (August 15, 2372). According to the testimonials of T'Prynn and Taurik it was at this time that they revealed the fact that he was actually a Romulan. It was also at this time that Starfleet learned of this deception and terminated Josh's commission in Starfleet on Stardate 37211.25 (November 25, 2372) and was going to bring him up on charges of being a spy for the Romulan Star Empire but was convinced otherwise by his adoptive parents T'Prynn and Taurik.


Josh and his parents returned to Vulcan and Josh was outraged at the fact that Starfleet judged him based on where he was born. "I was raised by Vulcan parents and lived by Federation Rules and Regulations. But I am still being judged by where I was born!." is the things he was "preaching" on Vulcan. During this time he began to show sympathy towards the Maquis situation forming in the DMZ. During this rebellious stage according to his parents he ran away from Vulcan to join up with the Maquis to fight the Cardassians for their homes and freedom.



Name: Joshua Laury
Age: 26
Date of Birth: April 17, 1986
Place of Birth: Rocky Mount, Virginia
Current Location: Dover, Pennsylvania
Groups I Belong To: Maquis Forces International & Starfleet International

Star Trek Series' I Own:

  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek: Enterprise

Favorite Star Trek Movies:

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • Star Trek: Generations

Favorite Music:

  • Al Jolson
  • Bing Crosby
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • The Rat Pack
  • Matt Monro
  • Roger Miller
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Brent Spiner

Favorite Books:

  • A Christmas Carol
  • Sherlock Holmes Books
  • Uncle Wiggily Books (1916-1965)
  • James Bond Books
  • History Books
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • Dante's Divine Comedy


Facebook Page:
Starfleet Profile:

I have complied a list of Maquis Episodes on the following page: feel free to lok and give me any recommendations you think I should add or subtract or whatever.

Here is a link to the one Star Trek Book I found that dealt with the Maquis:

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