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Admiral Logan Andrews


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Logan James Andrews
Lcars rank.jpg Admiral
Lcars dob.jpg 7009.15
Lcars pob.jpg Cait, Prehin Providence, Shunni
Lcars e sfi.jpg 9009.27
Lcars l sfi.jpg 9901.01
Lcars j mfi.jpg 9901.01
Lcars assigns.jpg Starfleet Academy

USS Silver Fox
USS Excalibur
USS Trinity
MFS Trinity
MFI Headquarters:
Zone 2 Coordinator Assistant
SSD Zone 2 Agent Coordinator
SSD Chief of Operations
Commander Special Security Division
Commander Special Forces
Chief Tactical Advisor to the Coordinator Council
Chief of Computer Operations
Chief of Operations



Born L'ren on Cait to M'Hern and T'riss ten Shunni. Both parents, workers in the Federation Embassy Offices, died in a tragic vehicle accident. Logan was adopted by James and Marie Andrews, close friends of his birth parents, also working at the Embassy Offices at the time. They renamed him Logan James. When Logan was 3 years of age (Terran standard) the family was transferred to the Klingon colony of Na'daH. Growing up around so many Klingon children, Logan took on many of their qualities and behaviors, until he thought of himself as more Klingon than Caitian or Human.

When he was 18 he joined Starfleet, and began attending the Academy. Logan specialized in Weapons and Tactics. He also graduated with the dubious honor of holding the most demerits and still graduating. His first assignment was to the USS Silver Fox, an Akira Class vessel. He was the Chief Tactical Officer for the small crew. That was followed up with an assignment to the Galaxy Class USS Excalibur, also as Chief Tactical Officer. The Excalibur was assigned to the Federation's Beta Quadrant Border.

His actions and record then earned him assignment to the USS Trinity, another Galaxy Class ship, as the First Officer. While a part of the Trinity, the Treaty establishing the De-militarized Zone between Cardassian and Federation space was established. Most of the Senior staff was incensed at the action and plotted to take the Trinity and join the Maquis. After a successful but hard fought coup, the newest Maquis cell had control of their ship. All Federation loyalists were left on a planet with supplies and a rescue beacon. The Trinity then proceeded to the Badlands. Within a year the Trinity was destroyed in a battle with a Cardassian battleship. Most of the crew survived and were split out to other cells.

While infiltrating Starfleet Intelligence with the aid of a Maquis sympathizer, Logan learned of a new class of ship that came from a separate dimension where the Federation controlled all of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. This was a Ronin Class Carrier. Merging the Trinity members and some other cells, Logan led an infiltration team that convinced the surviving Ronin crew to join the Maquis. They took over the ship and left the SI Officers on a shuttle with a locked in course for Earth. Logan was shortly promoted to Captain of the newly renamed Trinity when the previous CO left to engage in independent operations.

Logan also became a local Zone coordinator of MFI Special Security Division(SSD) agents. His efforts quickly moved him through the Division's hierarchy, till he became the SSD Commander and was promoted to Brigadier General, taking a lateral transfer to the Marines. MFI's Black Ops division was added to his command and Logan ran all operations off the Trinity, making full use of the ship's ability to effectively be a mobile Space Station. Logan was then later assigned to work with the Coordinator Council of the Maquis as a tactical adviser. Command of the Special Forces was shifted away from him and the Trinity and he was promoted to Rear Admiral, transferring back to the Naval side. He was assigned to coordinate any new Maquis into either existing or new cells. He then transferred to Computer Operations where he maintained all the computer systems for the fleet and keeps them encoded and synchronized. Logan received a promotion to Vice Admiral for his outstanding work. His outstanding work earned him both a transfer as the new Chief of Operations and a promotion to Admiral. However a special SSD Black Ops operation arose that it was felt that only Logan's specialized skills and that of the Trinity crew, with the ship's special capabilities, could handle. So Logan resigned the post to take on the mission. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Real Life File


Real Name Mark T. Marshall
Occupation: Driver, Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake
Date of Birth 15 September, 1970
Place of Birth Salisbury, MD
Education Parkside High School - 1989

Associates Degree - Help Desk and Hardware Technology - 2006
Associates Degree - Internet and Software Technology - 2006

Family: Children: Steven (1989); Katelyn (1990);

Talia (1995); Jasmine (1996)

Fan Club Experience: MFS Trinity 1999- Present

MFI Awards Department - 2002-2005
MFI Membership Department - 2005-2006
MFI Computer Operations - 2006-2010
MFI Chief of Operations - 2010-2011



Logan (as Mark prefers to be referred by in Fandom circles), though long a fan, began his Fandom experience by joining the MFS Trinity at the beginning of 1999. He had spent the fall and winter of '98 getting to know the then XO Barbara Adams. Upon signing up he became the Chief of Communications, establishing Trinity's first Email account and starting on a website. In late '99 he became the Chief Medical Officer and was promoted from Ensign to Lt. About this time he also became the online liaison for Zone 2 Coordinator Commodore John Smith, also of the Trinity.

In early 2000, the Special Security Division was established under the command of Gen Mark Zesewitz. Logan became the Zone 2 Agent Coordinator (and incidentally the only agent in Zone 2) then Chief of Operations shortly afterwards.

In Mid 2000 Logan was elected as Trinity's First Officer and promoted to Commander. At the end of the year the Current CO moved from area and Logan was elected to CO in a special election and promoted to Captain by the CC.

At the end of 2000 Logan noted a need for an awards program within MFI. The CC then gave him permission to develop the program and established the Awards Dept with Logan heading it.

When Gen Zesewitz had to temporarily leave MFI due to life complications, Logan was offered command of the SSD. His acceptance also earned him a promotion and lateral transfer to Brigadier General. At the beginning of 2004 Special Operations Command was merged with the SSD as Special Forces and Logan was placed in command of the new Branch. In August 2004 he received a promotion and lateral transfer to Rear Admiral. In November 2004, Logan was assigned to the Membership Dept as Department Head, leaving command of Special Forces. In August 2005, Logan was assigned to the position of Chief Maquis Adviser. In early 2006, his work with the MFI DB led to his becoming the Chief of Computer Operations. In 2007 Logan was promoted to Vice Admiral in recondition of all his hard work. January 2011 brought another change of command and assignment to the office of Chief of Operations and a promotion to Admiral. But personal problems caused him to resign the office and withdraw from work on the international level in March.

Logan graduated Parkside High School in 1989 and entered into the US Navy in September that same year. Following basic training in Orlando, FL, Logan attended Nuclear Field 'A' School(Electrician's Mate) and Nuclear Field Power School, also in Orlando. This was followed by attending the D1G prototype in Ballston Falls, NY, completing his Nuclear Field training. From there he transferred to PCU Nebraska, a new construction assignment for a Ohio class Ballistic Submarine, in Groton, CT. Completing Christening and Commissioning of the USS Nebraska he continued on as part of the Blue Crew stationed out of King's Bay Submarine Base in GA. His following assignment was to the Oak Ridge ARDM-1, a floating dry dock, as a conventional EM. Initially in King's Bay, the Oak Ridge was later transferred to New London Sub Base in Groton, CT. From there he left the Navy in 1998. His awards include the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and a Battle 'E' as well as several general commendations.

Following the Navy, Logan trained with Schenider Trucking, earning a Class 'A' CDL and driving tractor trailers all over the eastern US. Family problems pulled him off the road. Following a brief stint as a catalog operator, Logan got a job as a truck driver at Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake's Salisbury, MD store. In addition to his driving duties he also handles maintenance, computer operations, and just about any other thing they can think of, making him a veritable Jack Of All Trades.

Logan has four children from a previous marriage: Steven Thomas, Katelyn Marie, Talia Sherrill, and Jasmine Renee. Ironically he has only 3 birthdays to remember. Steven and Talia were born on the same day 6 years apart. Logan currently lives in Salisbury, MD with his wife, Barbara Adams and her son Zach. Logan has graduated from Wor-Wic Community College as a Computer major with two Associates Degrees. Logan is also involved in the local SCA, running a D&D 3.5 game, and leads a local social group. Hobbies include reading, playing games (Board, RPG, and computer), and massage.

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