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Maquis Forces International
Commander of the M.F.S. Impetuous



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Lcars name.jpg Rigel McBain
Lcars rank.jpg General
Lcars dob.jpg 2346
Lcars pob.jpg Houston, Texas
Lcars e sfi.jpg 2362
Lcars l sfi.jpg 2372
Lcars j mfi.jpg 2372
Lcars assigns.jpg M.F.S. Pathfinder (July 2006-July 2008)

M.F.S. Impetuous (July 2008-Current)

MFS Impetuous-Imp.jpg
Rigel McBain

MFI Silver Sunburst Medal MFI Commendation Medal MFI Headquarters/Former MFI Chief of Staff, "Skunkwerks" R&D Former Academy Commandant: Former Dean Engineering College, MFMC College, Romulan Legion College, SOC College Commandant MFMC (Retired) Former Chief of Operations/Former Deputy Director Special Operations Command Former Training and Indoctrination Officer Special Agent (Reserve) Commanding Officer, M.F.S. Impetuous

Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager Designer and Game Manager


I joined the Starfleet Marines at the age of 16 with my parents permission. I enlisted as a Recon Corpsman, but while I was still in training I had the opportunity to attend Scout Sniper school. My team saw action on several worlds during my first tour. I rose to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in a short six years, Twice I was awarded the Pike Medal of Valor. I was married to a very beautiful Klingon woman named K'llara on 27 Apr. 2368. K'llara had a passion for life and everything in it, whatever she did, she did it with all that she was. I loved her with all of my being. Her father gave me a Bat'leth and d'ktagh as a wedding present. These hang on the wall of my office behind my desk. The d'ktagh that I carry on my pistol belt was a gift from K'llara on our wedding night. She gave the knife and a matching Bat'leth to me, and then during the consummation of our vows broke my left, and right clavicles, right ulna, and seven of my ribs. Together we had a son, Rigel II (born in 2369), and two daughters, Grillka, and M'nara (born in 2370, and 2372). In 2369 I found myself at the academy as a Drill Instructor. I returned to the field in 2371 only to have my eyes opened to how poor conditions were on the colony worlds. In 2372 when my enlistment ran out I left the Marines and headed for the D.M.Z. I felt I could do more as a civilian than as a soldier. Shortly after arriving I joined the Maquis and attended their Marine N.C.O. training. My first assignment was as a platoon sergeant on Dorvan V. I was soon to distinguish myself against the Cardassians, and was quickly placed in the Officer Candidate School, where I received training in Starfighter and Mekk piloting. I found myself on the "fast track" as they say, only eight months after I received my commission as 2nd Lieutenant I was promoted to Captain. (K'llara, and our children where killed in 2374, during the Cardassian/Jem-Hadar sweep of the Badlands. I don't talk about them much, so only my closest friends know I was ever married).


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Lcars name.jpg Alan Tetsuhara
Lcars rank.jpg Admiral
Lcars dob.jpg 2335
Lcars pob.jpg Osaka Japan, Earth
Lcars e sfi.jpg 2353
Lcars l sfi.jpg 2372
Lcars j mfi.jpg 2372
Lcars assigns.jpg Headquarters Special Operations Command (September 2006 - Present)

Admiral Alan Tetsuhara


SOC Experience....We're watching you!


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Bernhardt Zecharias Graap
Lcars rank.jpg Admiral (Honorary)
Lcars dob.jpg 2343
Lcars pob.jpg
Lcars e sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 2370
Lcars assigns.jpg Headquarters Maquis Research and Development (September 2006 - Present)

Pd hq.jpg
Admiral (Honorary) Bernhardt Graap


R&D Experience....Vee haff vays of meking you talk, yes vee do, Igor! Bring zee dis-com-bob-u-lator now!

Real Life File


Real Name Marc Easterly
Occupation: HVAC-R Technician, Plumber, Electrician
Date of Birth 3.22.1968
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA
Education Humble H.S. 1987
Family: Wife, Donna, Sons Marc Jr., Steven.
Fan Club Experience: MechForce North America 1998 - 2000
Maquis Forces International (MFMC) 2006 - Present
Starfleet International (SFMC) 2008 - Present
The Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN) 2016 - Present

Marc&donna 005.jpg


Marcus Easterly currently resides in Huntsville, Texas.

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