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27 February 2021
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Lcars name.jpg Mack Howat
Lcars rank.jpg Force Captain
Lcars dob.jpg 0000.00
Lcars pob.jpg Canada, Earth, Sol System
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0503.08
Lcars assigns.jpg

Pd mfi.jpg

CO LP Defender (0503-Present)

Zone 11 Coordinator (0608-0712)

Pd co.jpg

FCAPT Mack Howat

Pd acad grad.jpgPd naval.jpgPd co.jpgMFI-RC-112086.jpgMF-Regina.JPG


FCapt Howat is currently serving in the Maquis Naval Forces as the Comanding Officer of Listening Post Defender in the far reaches of the Badlands. He is a graduate of the Maquis Academy where he earned pilot wings and a number of Academy ribbons. He has also earned campaign and service ribbons. He was promoted FCapt on accepting his first tour of duty as Zone 11 Coordinator. He is an enthusiatic Star Trek fan whose favourite series is DS9.

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