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Commander of the M.F.S. McNelly


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Michael Tolleson
Lcars rank.jpg Force Captain
Lcars dob.jpg 97109.01
Lcars pob.jpg Texas
Lcars e sfi.jpg 200907.25
Lcars l sfi.jpg CLASSIFIED
Lcars j mfi.jpg 201007.25
Lcars assigns.jpg M.F.S. McNelly (July 2010-Current)

MFI Academy DepDant
MFI Chief of Operations

Force Captain Michael Tolleson

Pd hq.jpg Pd naval.jpg Marine Marine Member of 3 Epsilon Commanding Officer, M.F.S. McNelly

Participant Designer and Game Manager

Wings squadron.jpg
Mekk Company Leader

Commandant's Sword of Merit Citation.jpg Marine Regimental Service Commendation Ribbon.jpg Mcm1.jpg
Mam1.jpg Nme.jpg Aviation College
Communication College Leadership Development College Marine College 2nd Award
Academy soc.jpg Sixyr.jpg Military Service Ribbon
Civilian Service Ribbon Civilian Service Ribbon 2nd Award Service convention2.jpg


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Real Life File


Real Name Michael Tolleson
Occupation: Electrician
Date of Birth 197109.01
Place of Birth Memphis, Tenn
Education College (USAF)
Family: wife: Kelly, Two kids: Samantha and Katherine
Fan Club Experience: Starfleet International - 2009-Present



Michael Tolleson currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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