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Eternal Memorial MFS Maquis Eternal Memorial

The Officers & Crew mourn the loss of Captain Noah Henry
01 December 1976 - 19 April 2011
"Goodbye My Friend!"




Name: Noah Henry
Rank: Captain
Member Number: MFI-RM-1009
Department: Observation
Join Date: 2010-04-14
Assignment: MFS Exploration MCC - 41786 / MFS Maquis
Position: Honorary Member & Officer
Date of Birth: December 1, 2341 | Stardate: 34512.03
Date of Death: April 19, 2375 | Stardate: 37504.19
Place of Birth: Earth, United Federation of Planets
Age: 34 (Earth Years)


Pd mfi.jpg

2010-04-14 - Joined MFI; Assigned the rank of Crewman; Assigned to MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946.
2011-04-19 - Crewman Noah Henry Passed Away on this date and will be missed by all Officers & Crew
2011-05-14 - A Memorial Service was planned and attended by many to honor the memory of Noah. Promoted to Commander and given an Honorary Rank of Captain. Captain Henry has begun his journey through the Final Frontier. You will be missed Noah.
2012-04-19 - The Officers & Crew mourn the loss of Captain Noah Henry. It's been one year since he passed but it seems like it just happened.
2012-12-01 - The Officers & Crew of the MFS Exploration wish our dearly departed friend Captain Noah Henry a Happy Birthday. You have been away from us for almost two years but you are not forgotten and will always be missed.



Ship: MFS Exploration
Registry Number: MCC - 41786
MFI Database Number: MFI-RC-183332
Commanding Officer: Force Captain Joshua Laury
First Officer: Commander Jeremy Laury
Position: Honorary Member & Officer
Transferred From: MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946
Time on MFS Exploration: July 14, 2011 - Present | Stardates: 64807.14 - Present

Maquis raider-model1.jpg

Ship: MFS Maquis
Commanding Officer: Honorary Captain Gene Roddenberry
First Officer: Honorary Commander Majel Barrett-Roddenberry
Position: Officer
Transferred From: MFS Exploration
Time on MFS Maquis: April 19, 2011 - Eternity | Stardates: 64604.19 - Present



Ship: MFS Blazing Swords RSD-94946
Registry Number: MFI-RC-183320
Commanding Officer: Captain John Kraly II
First Officer: Commander Joshua Laury
Position: Crewman
Transfered From: N/A - I joined Maquis Forces International and Joined the Blazing Swords
Time on MFS Blazing Swords: April 14, 2010 - July 14, 2011 | Stardates: 63604.09 - 64312.12



New Member Exam Communications College
Leadership Development College 2 Year Service Ribbon


tier_iv.jpg tier_vi.jpg
Commanding Officer - Tier IV MFI Member - Tier VI

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