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This is historical material, 'frozen in time.' This page is no longer updated and links, external or otherwise may not work.


Force Colonel Paul Williams

Starfleet Marine Corps Service

Force Colonel Williams While serving as a Starfleet Marine, he was awarded the Starfleet Marine Corps second highest award, the Silver Nebula for non - risk of life lifesaving. He served with SFMC Training Command as creator of the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy College of Borg Xenostudies and served as it's first instructor, due to his extensive knowledge of the Borg. He holds 2 awards for academic excellence in the SFMC Academy, one for Exemplary Service as Borg Xenostudies Instructor and One for Academic excellence. Marine Captain Paul Williams also served with SFMC Forcecom as Special Projects Officer. MCapt. Williams also served with Starfleet Academy as creator and Dean of the Starfleet School of Science Fiction. MCapt. Paul Williams was awarded SFMC's second highest award for lifesaving. The Silver Nebula was awarded on Earthdate 2 April 2003 for assisting a person in distress from an airway obstruction. M.Capt Williams also holds the following SFMC Awards and Citations...

Leader's Commendation Embassy Duty Ribbon Community Service Citation x 2 SFMC 20th Anniversary Ribbon Legion of Arms Academic Excellence Award x 2 Professional Development Award Initail Entry Training Award Commandant's Campaign Ribbon

MCapt. was promoted to Major shortly before leaving the SFMC.

Maquis Forces Service

Marine Captain Williams was vetted as a Marine Captain with Maquis Forces Marine Corps. M.Capt. Williams was assigned to Listening Post Juno Beach. In December 2003 Marine Captain Williams was assigned to command the newly commissioned MFS Juno Beach a Steamrunner Class Vessel captured from Starfleet. Apon accepting command of this vessel Marine Captain Williams was promoted to Colonel. Colonel Williams was then considered for command of MFI Zone 11 shortly after accepting command of the Juno Beach. Early in 2004 Colonel Williams was promoted to Brevet Force Colonel and given Command of Zone 11. Shortly thereafter due to his enthusiastic work with the Maquis Marines was Promoted to Brigadier General. General Williams handed over Command of the Juno Beach and Command of Zone 11 in February 2005 and went on hiatus until August 2005. General Williams returned in August 2005 attached to the R.S. Hecate and served a brief tour of duty with Maquis Special Operations. In Janurary 2006 General Williams was given command of the Talon Class Scout Vessel Iron Cross and continued to serve with Special Operations. In April 2006 General Williams was reassigned to the Maquis Marines as it's Deputy Commandant. Apon accepting that assignment the Marine Commandant resigned and General Williams Served briefly as Commandant of the Maquis Marine Corps. General Williams relinquished Command to Chief of Staff General Doane and resumed his position as Deputy Commandant, while some restructuring of the Marine Corps was done. In Novemeber 2006 Brigadier General Williams was confirmed to be appointed Commandant of the Maquis Marines. General Williams has the distinction of being the first Canadian ever to hold the Office. General Williams was awarded the Bronze Starburst for exceptional bravery in apprehending a trespasser who became belligerent and General Williams used minimal force to restrain the trespasser until the Police arrived. General Williams is considered a rising star in the Maquis, his command qualities and willingness to get the job done exemplify the spirit of the Maquis and Maquis Marine Corps. In July 2008 General Williams left MFI for personal reasons which needed to be addressed, that done General Williams petitioned MFI to return to the fold in June 2009. The petition was accepted and General Williams accepted voluntarily a reduction in rank to Force Colonel. Force Colonel Williams last assignment was the 2009 Labour Day Offensive, serving with Seal Team V. Force Colonel Williams has now retired from active service and leads a somewhat quiet life. Force Colonel Paul Williams at the request of his friend Colonel Tyler Pugh returned to active service with Seal Team V. Force Colonel Williams in May 2009 and May 2010 Provided in conjunction with 1st MOAB, Security and crowd management services to Anime North, Canada's premier Japanese animation convention. Force Colonel Williams is quietly active at the behest of the incoming International Coordinator, to look over and correct the manuals for the Honor Guard component of MFI currently under development, it had been stalled for sometime and the incoming IC wants it off the ground and going for 2011. Colonel Tyler Pugh in late January 2011 requested F.Col. Williams to join as it's Executive Officer of the proposed Marine Commando, he also assisted as an advisor for choosing the proposed insignia to denote Marine Commandos and their Specialized Skills. The proposal's current state of development is Classified TOP SECRET for security reasons.


Maquis Forces SEALS Team V Service

Force Colonel Paul Williams was assigned to SEALS Team V under the command of Colonel Tyler Pugh. His first operational mission is Aug 15th.09 at Wasaga Beach Paintball Codename Operation Black Reign.
Mission Results: Successful, high ranking enemy officer captured, sharp engagments and skimishes resulted in a high number of enemy casualties. Friendly casualties light, all members of the team recieved wounds of a minor nature.

Personal Log of Force Colonel Williams

Earthdate 14/8/2009: The eve before SEALS Team V deployment I find myself somewhat apprehensive and pumped up, as zero hour approaches. It has been some time since being in combat, I'm hoping I haven't lost my touch after spending some time as an Admin Staff Puke with Maquis Forces Marine Corps. Only tomorrow will prove if I still have the juice to participate in combat, being 42 I'm the oldest and most experienced officer on the team. I hope the mission is successful and we come back more, or less in one piece.

Earthdate 17/8/2009: After Action Report. My worries discussed in my previous entry were unfounded. The mission was an unqualified success, SEALS TEam V performed outstandingly. We had some minor injuries with some of the team receiving minor phaser wounds. I received 3 phaser hits, which the body armor absorbed just leaving some slight burn damage to the epidermis of my body. None of the team received any permanant injuries. My weapon needs to be upgraded and repaired by our weapons technicians. All members of the team, performed extremely well and if the success rate continues, most of our members will be up for meritorious and bravery awards.

Earthdate 25/08/2009: Just recieved orders to report for SEALS Sniper training, yet another list of dirty work that must be done to help win this conflict. Apparently SEALS Command managed to procure some TR-116 Projectile weapons that have been modified for the SEALS sniper role. I've been selected to test this weapon operationally on the next mission. Looks like the boys will have to come to me if they need medical attention. I'll be covering their collective butts from about a mile away with this new weapon. I hope this mission is as successful as the last mission.

Earthdate: 08/25/2009: Just presented with the TR-116 Sniper Rifle, it's a different weapon, when compared to the Type 3 Assault Phaser Rifle. SEALS Command has high hopes for this weapon.

Tr-116.gif Tr-116-sniper.GIF

The TR-116 Sniper Rifle was developed from a stolen back engineered version of Starfleet Securities TR-116. The sniper rifle kept most of the Starfleet Design, but dropped the complex targeting system and helmet with HUD. A long range sighting scope was installed. The Sniper Rifle has an effective range of 1200 meters. It is currently undergoing operational trials with SEALS Team V. Most of the changes from the Starfleet design are classified TOP SECRET. I recieved a package today sent by my old friend and Commander of Special Operations Command, David Ferber. He sent me a tobacco pipe, along with some tobacco, to smoke, when I need to relax.

Earthdate: 08/27/2009: Got chastized by High Command for being a little insubordinate to a superior officer, with inappropriate communications over an open Maquis Forces Frequency. At the time of the transmission, I didn't think it would create the negativity that it did. It was all over a mixup in communications. I must remember to bear in mind two critical things,how people read into my comms and the repercussions such comms will have as a whole. The price of lessons learned by stupid, mistakes.

Earthdate: 08/30/2009: Had some downtime, so to kill off time, I designed a Logo for the units assigned to Attack Force - Z. I thought an old Earth legend known as Zorro would be a fiiting image to put in the logo. The Latin Motto means the sword that is constant, is victorious. AttackZ.jpg

Photo's of Force Colonel Paul Williams.

Paul smaller1.jpg

Brigadier General(Now Force Colonel) Paul Williams, Janurary 2008 at KAG, Crimson Knight Fleet Feast


Brigadier General (Now Force Colonel) Paul Williams posing with Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Mayweather) from Star Trek Enterprise. August 2005

Joe Keeler and Paul Williams Anime North 2009.jpg

My friend Joe Keeler in Stargate Command SG-16 Uniform and myself working Security at Anime North 2009 in Toronto

Frozen Ghost006-1.jpg MeatFrozenGhost.jpg

F.Col. Paul Williams attending at Frozen Ghost big paintball game, London Ontario Feb 27th, 2010. In one picture I'm laying down full auto supressing fire at an objective, in an attempt to storm and capture it !! Epic Fail ! lol

IMG.jpg Force Colonel Williams.jpg

F.Col Williams prior to attending Anime North Convention, working in uniform as MC at the Big M's Drive in eatery Friday Night Classic Car Meet in Pickering. The Car is a Canadian made Breklin.

Defon Paintball Day 003.jpg

Force Colonel Paul Williams geared up for combat similation,on an abandoned Class M planet with late 20th and early 21st. Century developement.

Richard Hatch.jpg

Force Colonel Paul Williams and Battlestar Galactica Actor Richard Hatch at Toronto's Comicon. April. 9, 2011

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