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Captain Samuel Bibb

01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Samuel J. Bibb
Lcars rank.jpg Captain
Lcars dob.jpg N/A
Lcars pob.jpg Earth, United Kingdom
Lcars e sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0605.01
Lcars assigns.jpg
Commanding Officer, LP Skylark
Executive Officer, MSS Essex
Division Head & Founder, Maquis Forces Sim (Ret)
Chief Advisor, Romulan Legion
New Member Exam Leadership Development Cell Command College
Comms. College Six Year Service MFI Achievement Medal
Zone 10 Unit Of The Year 2007 - MSS Essex Zone 10 Rebel Of The Year 2007 Zone 10 Volunteer Of The Year 2006


Pd co.jpg Zone10.jpg Pd mfi.jpg Pd romulan1.jpg Pd mfi achieve.jpg


Samuel Bibb has recently returned to active service within the organisation and commissioned the LP Skylark in Zone 10 as from January 5th, 2013 as Commanding Officer. Previously assigned as Executive Officer, Starbase Essex (also in Zone 10) until the commissioning of LP Skylark.

Prior to retirement from active service, Captain Bibb served in a Tier III position as Inaugural Division Head of the Maquis Forces Simm Division, a project designed to cater for Star-trek Play-by-email (PBEM) roleplaying within the Organisation.

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