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Tyler Pugh
Federation colony of Archanis IV
2372 and again in 2375
Starfleet Special forces (Prisoner Conscript Dominion War)

MFS Juno Beach 2375 - 2376
1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion/MFS Griffon (Present assignment)
MAQUIS SEALS TEAM V (Present assignment)
Mercenary: Crimson Knight Fleet Scarlet Shield Quadrant (Imperial Klingon Vessel Crimson Talon)

Tyler's picture


COL Pugh Ribbons2.jpg Pd co.jpgParticipating Member Participating Member Participating Member

Born on the federation colony of Archanis IV but left the colony when the Klingon Empire retook the colony during the second Federation Klingon war in 2372. His family later resettled in the disputed area between the Cardasians and the Federation known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). During this time Tyler joined the ranks of the Maquis forces and received training in small arms, crude explosive devices and guerrilla combat, his time in the Maquis forces was short lived after the Combined effort of the Cardasians and Dominion attacked the DMZ in 2374 effectively wiping out the Maquis. Those that were not killed were captured and imprisoned by Starfleet. With Starfleet’s heavy losses during the Dominion war many of the Maquis prisoners were given the opportunity to join the ranks of Starfleet. Tyler was one of the Maquis prisoners that took up this offer and was put into the ranks of Starfleet Special Forces. Where he had revived advanced combat training Tyler served with Starfleet through out the remainder of the Dominion War and participated in various operations. After the war and released from service with a full pardon Tyler again resettled in the DMZ and found himself again in the ranks of the Maquis, this time as a more legitimate capacity in the Maquis Marine Corp and was assigned to the Steamrunner class starship MFS Juno Beach s and was assigned as chief of security. Tyler advanced quickly through the ranks and was given a commission as Major and formed the 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion. The unit was originally attached to the MFS Juno Beach but with the promotion to Colonel, Tyler was assigned the MFS Griffon, where he reorganized the 1MOAB structure and tactics to include the use of the Danube Runabouts. Tyler also created an unauthorized SOC squad known as the ARC Angels.

Point of Interest

Tyler and his ARC Angels are currently under investigation by the SSD after receiving reports from the Klingon Empire, that he and his unit has and is working as an mercenaries for various Klingon houses. There are even reports that he was imprisoned after attempting to sabotage the House Vorgath space docks, to which he had escaped the work colony and killed 3 guards and the warden in the process, however all crimes against the empire have been pardon for unknown reason. Tyler has been seen with the crew of IKV Crimson Talon of the Crimson Knight Shield Quadrant.

To keep a better tab on Col Pugh and his unauthorized activities Maquis HQ decided to assign SEALS TEAM V to his command, effectively adsorbing Col Pugh and ARC Angels under SEALS COMMAND. This action has greatly reduced the number of complaints from various governments regarding Col Pugh's mercenary activities. However he has still maintained his Klingon contacts and is believed to use SEALS TEAM V as a substitute to conduct operations with the Klingons.

Real Life File


Real Name Tyler Pugh
Occupation: Student
Date of Birth Sept 21 1982
Joined MFI Some time in 2004
Place of Birth Barrie Ontario
Education Dunbarton High School (2001)
Canadian Armed Forces Basic Military Qualification (2008)
Centennial College Police Foundations (2011)
Family: Alot
Fan Club Experience: Maquis Forces International

Klingon Assault Group Crimson Knight Fleet Scarlet Shield Quadrant (IKV Crimson Talon)

So to give some personal insight of what I am like in real life, very simple. I was born in Barrie Ontario and when I was about 2 months old my family moved to Pickering Ontario were I lived for most of my life. My mother and father split up when I was 5 years old, and soon I would be introduced to a large extended family that included a step father, step mother and a few step siblings. Ever since I was young I was into Science fiction and fantasy I also had a strong interest in the Military (Thank you GI JOE),and I never really got into Star Trek until the introduction of the Dominion war on DS9. When I was a teenager I joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and one day hoped to fly hornets (CF 18) for the Royal Canadian Air Force, who would of thought plotting a course would be so complected. I stayed in the Air Cadets until I was 19 and soon after that I graduated from High school, unable to become a pilot, I joined the work force in the Private Security Industry where I spent 5 years in two different companies Intercon Security and Total Security Management, during my time in the private security industry I also Volunteered to run the Security Team for Pandemonium (A Toronto Gaming Con) and I also helped the local Klingon Assault Group chapter, with there Security teams at various conventions most notably Anime North and Con Nobeca( That con did not last long). In Feb 2008 I fulfilled my long time goal of getting into the Canadian Armed Forces and joined the Infantry until Jan 2009, I have completed the Police foundations diploma program at Centennial College.

Right now there is a little back ground on me, my other most notable hobby is paintball, I even created my own paintball team focusing on scenario and milsim (military simulation) style, instead of the tournament style based games. The team is known as (in case you have not figured it out) the ARC Angels. Anything else you may like to know such as turn ons turn offs and most notable feature simply ask.

and yes I am a bit of a smart a**

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