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Declassified Directory for FCAPT William Haines
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Lcars name.jpg William Haines
Lcars rank.jpg Force Captain pip_fcapt_upd.jpg
Lcars dob.jpg 7506.26
Lcars pob.jpg Earth, United States, MD
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0506.09
Lcars assigns.jpg


MFS Freedom: (2005-Present)

Commanding Officer MFS Freedom
Zone 2 Coordinator (2006-Present)
Diplomatic Corps Director (2007-Present)
Romulan High Priest (2007-Present)
Zone EM Coordinator (2007-Present)
SSD Director of Military Affairs (2006-2008)
Deputy Diplomatic Corps Director (2006-2007)

Lcars Whaines.jpg

Real Life File


Real Name William Haines
Date of Birth June 26, 1975
Place of Birth Havre de Grace, MD
Place of Residence Aberdeen, MD
Education Aberdeen High School - 1993
Family: Children: Katie (1994); Jaynie (2001)
Fan Club Experience: MFS Freedom (MFI)




--FCapt William Haines 08 Nov 2007

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