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Here is a list of Sample "LCARS Style" User pages for New Members and ZCs to start from. The Following a combination of two Templates and User Input. Chapter COs & XOs are free to go above and beyond the samples listed here, but consider these a Jumping Off Point.

Please do not CHANGE any of the information on these sample pages, but feel free to "Cut & Paste" its Wiki Code information to YOUR Chapter page. Once you have the information on YOUR page, Feel free to edit it to your Heart's Content!!

Please Remember...
When using a "Blank", or "Place-Holder" graphic (like "lcars_blank.jpg", or "Yourpicture.jpg"), you MUST rename the picture reflecting YOUR name prior to uploading it to the server.

I Hope these help,

Rob-J, IC 2004-2007

Generic Chapter Page Templates

More Advanced Samples Of "LCARS Style" User Pages

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