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The International Coordinator's Favorite Charity

GPA-Logo1.jpg Greyhound Pets of America

Greyhound Pets of America is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation founded in 1987 for the purpose of finding homes for ex-racing greyhounds and educating the public on the suitability and availability of greyhounds as pets.

Greyhound Pets of America is the largest non-profit greyhound adoption group, and since it opened its doors in 1987 has adopted over 65,000 greyhounds into loving homes.

Greyhound Pets of America has more than 10,000 members and 56 chapters across the country.

GPA's programs depend on donations and volunteers to accomplish our wonderful mission. 92.3% of all funds donated goes directly to our programs and only 6.6% is used for administrative costs. GPA is comprised solely of volunteers.

Whether you send a donation to GPA's national organization or directly to one of their local chapters, you will be helping these wonderful creatures find a forever home.

RJohnson, FADM

Playing with modifying Sig/Nickname lines: Using this in my "Nickname" line in order to put the Signature Graphic on a second line:
Rob-J, IC <br>[[image:rob-sig-sm.jpg|120 px|]]

Shows as this:
[[User:Rob-J|Rob-J, IC
Rob-sig-sm.jpg]] (if just using ~~~)

Or this:

[[User:Rob-J|RJohnson, FADM
Rob-sig-sm.jpg]] 11:54, 1 Oct 2005 (EDT) (if using ~~~~)

MFI-Wiki Etiquette/Protocol/Rules


MFI-Wiki Tabs


In the Image above, you'll see most of the following tabs (from left to right):

  • Article - The "Main" Page for this topic
  • Discussion - The place to suggest changes and post input.
  • Edit or View - Clicking this allows changes to the page.
    • [+] - Found on Talk (Discussion) pages. Click the plus tab to add a comment to the current discussion.
    • View - (Non-SysOps see this tab in place of Edit on pages which are Protected) Allows viewing Wiki coding for this page.
  • History - Allows you to track and view changes made to the current page.
  • Protect or Unprotect - (Only SysOp's screens will show this Tab) Toggles edit restrictions.
  • Delete - (Only SysOp's screens will show this Tab)
  • Move - Basically allows you to "Rename" the page.
  • Watch or Unwatch - Lets you toggle "watch" for updates on the "Recent Changes" page.

Editing ARTICLE Pages

As MFI is a Wiki based Fan organization, this gives the members a medium for increased creativity, by allowing them the opportunity to create their own User pages and Chapter pages. New members should restrict themselves to creating and editing ONLY their own User and Chapter pages. This also allows members to assist in creating and editing pages belonging to Branches and Departments they are affiliated with once their initiation and probationary period is successfully completed (More on this later).

The MFI member should be aware that they should Never edit someone else's User, or Chapter pages without the Owner's express consent. The member should not edit any Branch, Division, or Departmental pages without the respective Head's consent. The basic rule of thumb is simple: Use common sense. If it were a page belonging to you... would you want it edited? If you still have questions, look the "History" tab to see who the page owner is (if not listed on the page itself) and ask them, or check with the Department Head.

Please do NOT edit any "Article" pages unless you are part of the team asked to update the page. If the member has suggestions, new information, or corrections to contribute, comments MAY be placed on the appropriate Article, or User's Discussion page and the Authors will take your suggested changes under advisement.

Making Secondary Sub-Pages

As mentioned on the Wiki Help Page:

User Sub-Pages

Each Member is only allowed One User Page, you MAY have Sub-Pages attached to your User Page. Any and All User Sub-Pages should be labeled as such (ie: User:Jsmith/Sandbox, User:Bsmith/Directory, etc)... Just as your "Discussion" page is a Sub-Page of your User Page.

Chapter Sub-Pages

Like User Pages, Each Chapter is allowed only One Main Chapter page, named in accordance to our Database's naming system (ie: Cell:MFS Nebula, Cell:MFS Parallax, etc). Any and all Chapter Sub-Pages should be linked to the Main Chapter page using the "Cell:..." naming criteria.

An example of this would be if the Chapter "MFS Neversail" (Cell:MFS Neversail) located in Oslo Norway had an MFMC Contingent aboard, and they wanted to make a page representing that contingent, that page would be named "Cell:MFS Neversail/Marine Detachment Oslo".

Similarly, the "Runabout Colorado" Page linked to MFS Sutherland's Chapter Page is named "Cell:MFS Sutherland/Runabout Colorado". A Sub-page should not simply be a slight variation of the Main Page's information. If it is not significantly different, the information should be incorporated into the Chapter's Main Page.

Branch, Division, Specialty Sub-Pages

As with the User and Chapter Pages, All Branch, Department, Division, or Specialty related Sub-Pages should be linked to the Main/Parent page using the same criteria (ie: Maquis Sim Project Sub-Pages - Maquis Sim Project/Runabout Fleet, etc).

If you deviate from the norm, we will attempt to contact you, asking you to modify your pages. If you fail to reply, or to comply, someone from MFI's Wiki Maintenance Team (aka: SysOps) may take it upon themselves to make the alterations for you.

Constant deviations from the guidelines may result in placing a "Block" on your user account and you will not be able to author any new pages for a specified period of time.

Using a Sub-Page naming system allows the MFI maintenance team to better organize the site, know at a glance who a page "belongs" to and helps keep User, Chapter and project pages organized similar to the Sub-Folders on a computer's Hard Drive.

(more to come)

Uploading Graphics / Images

Many images on the web are subject to copyrights and or Trademarks. This is especially true of celebrities and other famous persons as well as specific Corporate color schemes and other images. Paramount has an agreement that allows fans to use Star Trek specific images and likenesses so long as there is no money being collected and acknowledgment of their rights are given. For anything outside of Star Trek, however, such things are potential subjects of lawsuits. For that reason, MFI does not allow any images on its servers that are not covered under Paramount's Star Trek Fandom Fair Rights clauses or belongs to the uploader. Exceptions will be made if the uploader provides written permission from the owner of the image. This permission should include contact information so that MFI can verify the permission to use the image on the servers.

MFI reserves the right to delete without notice any image or file it believes could be in violation of someone's copyright. If you feel that an image was deleted unnecessarily, an appeal can be filed with the CC via the Chief of Operations, along with the reason the image does not violate any copyrights.

As printed on the Disclaimers page:

"Images uploaded to will not use likenesses of celebrities, models, or any individual without the express consent from the person depicted unless covered by Star Trek Fandom Fair Rights clauses."
"By uploading images here, you're indicating that you have rights to grant use of the image to MFI, and that you're granting unlimited free usage of the image to MFI. Images in violation of this policy will be deleted without notice by Site Administration."

For the most part, any image uploaded to MFI should either deal with Star Trek or with MFI itself and its members. This is a family site and as such, images should be appropriate for all ages. Images should be related to a page directly or should be a general image that is available for page decoration (such as the various LCARS images). If an image is to be made available for general use, then edit the image page to add a category tag to it.

Sample Upload Screen

As seen in the Upload Page picture above, use the large "Summery" box to enter File Descriptions and possibly Categories (i.e.: [[Category:Akira]]) for the image you are uploading. This will allow future Searches to find the file quickly.

Please Note: Images should NOT include pictures of any famous person "photoshopped" to fit with a Star Trek or Maquis theme, unless permission of said person can be provided. Similarly, images should not use specific color schemes, or patterns that are attributed to business or other private organization or persons. Remember that Parody laws do not allow the exact duplication of something. It must be significantly different while still recognizable as the item being parodied to be covered. Even so, MFI can decide that it is too close to the real thing and delete the image. While an appeal can be logged, any decision made by the CC will be final. Multiple violations of these rules could result in loss of MFIWiki privileges.

Uploading Graphics we Already Have

Please help us keep graphic duplication on the site to a minimum. Before you think about uploading any Graphic Image file (Starship pictures, Schematics, Animations, Star Trek & MFI Logos, etc.) to the site, please check our Graphics Gallery, or run a Search of the Filename, to make sure we don't already have it on the site.

The "Graphics Gallery" is listed in the Left Sidebar. You might also be able to find the graphic you're looking for by using the "Search" box (also located in the left Sidebar). Another very good place to check for various MFI Logos, "Alert" GIFs and Starship Animations (as seen in various LCARS Screens) is Computer Operations/Graphics. Just about every Trek / MFI Logo and animated Ship (both Canon and Non-Canon) is located there.

Although the Graphics Gallery is an excellent resource for recent files, looking up older files could take a while. This is why it is very important to use both Category tags AND a good file description. Be sure to place in your file description any words that a person might use to search for it. Before uploading a file, search for it using different keywords. Do your best to ensure you're not uploading duplicate files. If you happen to type the file name you wanted wrong, go ahead and upload it again with the correct filename. Then go to the old file name and edit the page and put "DELETE" in the summery field at the bottom, located just above the "save page" button.</font>

Upload Warning Screen

Sample Upload Warning Screen

If you try to upload a graphic file and this page comes up, it means only one thing... We already HAVE a graphic file using this file name. Before proceeding, click on the graphic's link to SEE if it's the same graphic you are wishing to upload.
  • If it IS the same, PLEASE don't upload another copy of it.
  • If it is NOT the same, please Re-Name the file you wish to upload, as SOMEONE in MFI is Most Likely Using that graphic file on at least one page.

MFI has several sample images on the site for the use of sample pages and template pages. When you use the codes for these pages the images references are not meant to stay. One example of this is the "Your-CO.jpg" images found on some of the chapter templates. You should upload another picture use the naming protocols discussed below. Outside of a personal image or a chapter logo there are many names possible. Just search for the name you want to make sure it's not been used again.

If you see this warning... and you did not upload the original file... and the original file is not the same as the file you want to upload... rename your file. Violators of this rules will be subject to loss of MFIWiki privileges.

Naming Chapter & "User" Graphic Files

MFI has two types of images that need to follow a strict naming protocol. These are for the chapter logos and for personal images. The reason for this is that these files are also referenced by scripts for automatically generated pages like the Cell Finder page.

  • For chapter logos use the following naming protocol: MFI-RC-####.type. The #### is the chapter's Chapter number as given out by Membership. the type is the file type, typically jpg, but it could also be gif, png or many others.
    • For example: If your Chapter ID Number were "MFI-RC12345", your Chapter Logo's Filename should be "MFI-RC12345.jpg".
  • For personal images your username should be the file name.
    • For example, Joe Member has a user name of jmember and his personal image would be uploaded as jmember.jpg with the file type varying.
Note that this is only for your main personal image that you should be using on your profile page and any other pages where you might appear such as a chapter page if you're a CO or a page that tells about the person filling a staff position. Preferably this image will be of you in a uniform, but not necessarily. Any other images can have any other name you wish. Just follow the rules set out above when naming and describing it.

More to come...

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