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Scratchpad for Possible MFI History page
(Name to be decided)
(Steve) How about calling the entry page Hall of Remembrance ? Make it a directory page with links to the following (some of which already exist). Existing pages can be linked in their entirety if desired, even grouping several on the same page if desired using the command {{:MFI-RC-112088/sandbox2}} (an example).

  • Borrow some info from the About page, like Mission Statement, Battle Cry, etc.
  • Bio/Gallery Page listing Founding Members of:
    • "The Maquis"
    • "Maquis Forces"
    • "Maquis Fprces International
  • Page listing Founding Chapters of:
    • "The Maquis"
    • "Maquis Forces"
    • "Maquis Fprces International
  • Possibly Seperate Pages for CC positions:
  • Order of the Maquis awards page
    • Show awards in numerical order
    • Show or link to Award Text and/or Certificate for each - It IS our highest honor...
  • Memorial Pages

To Be Continued...

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