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Maquis Forces International

ZONE 1 - Southeast USA & Puerto Rico
CAPT Isaac Santiago (Zone 1 Coordinator)

Zone1.jpg Usamap z1.jpg


Attention Chapter COs: Do NOT make any changes to this page yourself.
Please notify the Zone Coordinator and the Membership Dept. of any Additions, Deletions, or changes of ANY Kind.
(Change of Command, CO & XO email Contact addresses, change of status, etc).
Maintenance of the Zone Page is the Sole Responsibility of your ZC.

Pd ktf forces.jpg Maquis Forces Carbon Hill, AL - MFS Avenging Angel
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Florence, AL - MFS Starburst

Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Clearwater, FL - MFS Shooting Star
Pd soc.jpg Maquis Forces Ft. Lauderdale, FL - MFS Phantom Zone
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Gainesville, FL - MFS Amon-Ra
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Jacksonville, FL - MFS Compliance
Pd romulan1.jpg Maquis Forces Orange Park, FL - MFS Delevhas
Pd marine.jpg Maquis Forces St Petersburg, FL - MFS Tiberius
Pd naval.jpg Temporal Forces Jacksonville, FL - ISS Time-Lash

Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Albany, GA - MFS Carl Sagan
Pd marine.jpg Maquis Forces Waynesboro, GA - Marine Battery Waynesboro

South Carolina
Pd romulan1.jpg Maquis Forces Columbia, SC - MRV Rhai'hlanelh

Puerto Rico
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces San Juan, Puerto Rico - USS Phoenix

Moved To Zone L (No Contact for More Than 9 Months)
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Hinesville, GA - LP Crikey
Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Southport, FL - MSS Roseta Beach


Pd naval.jpg Maquis Forces Ships/Stations (MFS),

Listening Posts (LP), or Runabout (RN)

Pd marine.jpg Marine Companies
Pd ssd.jpg SSD Field Offices
Pd soc.jpg SOC Field Offices
Pd ktf forces.jpg Klingon Task Force Chapters
Pd romulan1.jpg Maquis Romulan Legion Chapters

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