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[ Captain Donna Parker]  
[ Captain Donna Parker]  
* '''Adviser/Task Force member'''<br>
* '''Adviser'''<br>
Admiral Laura Hartwell
Admiral Laura Hartwell
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Force Admiral Brian Pickett
Force Admiral Brian Pickett
* '''Committee member/Task Force member'''<br>
Colonel Savvik aka Oliver "Iceman" Savander Sr.

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Maquis Forces International

Charity And Community Service Task Force Project

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Committee Members Information and Listing

[edit] Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all. All that is required is:

  • 1-Membership on the Charity List Serve.
  • 2-A willingness to help others
  • 3-Willing to assist the CCS Task Force as needed, usually with ideas for this website and occiasionally write suitable articles for the Badlands.
  • 4-There is no four *grin*. Just a reminder this is not a reporting entity but a think tank of sorts for charity work.
  • 5-If you wish to help please send an email to the Committee Chair.

[edit] Committee Members Directory

  • pip_adm_green.jpg Committee Chair/Task Force Leader

General Trentin Anara aka Christina Doane

  • Pip rl capt.jpg Deputy Committee Chair/ Assistant Task Force Leader

Captain Donna Parker

  • pip_adm_red.jpg Adviser

Admiral Laura Hartwell

  • pip_k_lgen.jpg KTF representative/Task Force member

General (Sa'Sogh) Larry D. French, Sr. aka K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK

  • Pip_fadm_black.jpg Committee member/Task Force member

Force Admiral Brian Pickett

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