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Emergency Command Hologram, MFS Premonition NCV-01


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Wallace Burton Binghamton
Lcars rank.jpg Captain, USNR (Ret.)
Lcars dob.jpg 0903.27
Lcars pob.jpg Earth
Lcars e sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0903.27
Lcars assigns.jpg
MFS Premonition (2009-Present)

Commanding Officer,
Naval Air Station Taratupa, ME

United States Military Governor,
Voltafiore, Italy

Ol' Leadbottom
CAPT Wallace B. Binghamton


Captain, USNR
Built as the monochromatic Emergency Command Hologram of MFS Premonition, Captain Binghamton serves as the Acting Captain of Premonition during the absence of FADM Cummings or Admiral Taylor Goodwill. Programmed with an advanced tactical database, Captain Binghamton is a proven and decisive leader, as well as providing amusement to the Commanding Officer. Notoriously known for his sayings, such as "What is it, what's going on here, wha-what-WHAT?" upon activation and other times, he's become a valued and respected member of the crew - while at the same time, running an extremely tight ship in the absence of the Admiral or Commodore... with some bugs to still iron out.



Welcome aboard the MFS Premonition, this is your Captain speaking. When the Admirals are away, I am in charge here. I run a tight ship and expect the same of the officers and crew under my command. When I say This is your Captain speaking, I mean it. People will do what they're told and shape up, or ship out. My aide, Lieutenant Carpenter, who I haven't seen for quite some time come to think of it, that blithering ninny (he's a ninny, you know...) will ensure that the Admiral's men are kept in check, and that the Japanese will be kept at bay during the War in the Pacific Theater.

Here's to V-J Day! That is all.

W. B. Binghamton

Real Life File


Real Name Wallace Burton Binghamton
Occupation: Commanding Officer, NAS Taratupa
Military Governor, Voltafiore, Italy
Yacht Club President
Date of Birth 1910
Joined MFI 2009 (as Recreation)
Place of Birth Oregon, USA
Education US Naval ROTC, 1934
Family: Wife: Mrs. "Pumpkin" Binghamton
Fan Club Experience: Maquis Forces International

STARFLEET International



Designed from the US Naval World War II hero of FADM Cummings, Captain Binghamton was well known for his bravery, dedication and "no fear" approach to commanding his troops. Preferring himself to be known as "The Fearless Leader," he never was scared or derelicted from his duty.

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