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Database Directory of FADM Samuel S. H. Cummings, International Coordinator (2006-2010)
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Lcars name.jpg Samuel Cummings
Lcars rank.jpg Force Admiral (Retired)
Lcars dob.jpg 35116
Lcars pob.jpg Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia, Earth
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MFIWiki Administrator

Alpha Colony (2013-Present)
Special Advisor to the IC, (2010-Present)
MNAS Detroit (2003-2004)
MFS Constellation (2004)
MFI Academy - Science College Dean (2003)
MFI Academy Commandant (2003-2004)
MFI Computer Operations Chief (2004-2006)
MFI Vice International Coordinator (2006-2007)
MFI Surgeon General (2006-2007)
MFS Parallax (2004-2008)
International Coordinator (2007-2010)
Supervisor, Awards Department (2006-2010)

MFS Premonition (2008-2013) (Italics denote former assignments)

Fadm sam.jpg

FADM Samuel S.H. Cummings


MFI Special Operations Qualification (SW)
MFI Commendation MedalMarine Corps Commendation Medal
MFI SOC Commendation MedalNew Member ExamAviation
CommunicationsEngineeringLeadership Development
LawScienceService Award (8 years
Campaign: Echelon BadgesCampaign: Rank PinsMFI Achievement Medal

Flight Surgeon Qualification (FS)

Commanding Officer BadgeAcademy Staff Badge (Past)


Elder son of Officers in the Federation Naval Patrol, Admiral Cummings is currently serving as Commanding Officer of MFS Premonition, a vessel laid down and built at the Badlands Naval Yards. Admiral Cummings entered the Maquis and was appointed at advance rank to Captain by Force Admiral Gary Davis, then-International Coordinator, Maquis Forces International. He then requested that a land base of operations be set up to better coordinate and facilitate Maquis activity in the region. To that end, then Captain Cummings set up and administrated the founding of the first Maquis Naval Air Station, based in Detroit, Michigan USA. It was confirmed and commissioned on 10 April 2003. Force Admiral Davis named Cummings as its first commanding officer. As commander, he appointed the two ranking persons on his staff: Executive Officer Commander Jayson Steele, IV and Master Chief of the Command, Elise Cummings.

He was later appointed Dean of the Maquis Academy College of Science by Admiral Mary Kerns, MFI Academy Commandant after petitioning for the position. As the newly appointed Dean, Cummings completely reorganized the Sciences College with new coursework, new credentials and new tests which continued into his next Academy assignment.

In Mid-November 2003 pursuing advice from a friend on the Coordinator Council, then Commodore Kimara Cha’Suran, Cummings applied for the position of Academy Commandant, an office opened after the retirement of Admiral Mary Kerns. He was voted in and was ordered to assume the position on 11 November by the Coordinator Council under the direction of then Vice International Coordinator Admiral Tom Donohoe, and granted the brevet rank of Commodore.

Admiral Cummings then found, rebuilt, retrofitted and assumed command of the Oberth class vessel MFS Constellation on 20 February 2004. In May of the same year, the Oberth class was decommissioned and was used to refit an abandoned Nebula class vessel to become an Amphibious Command vessel. Later, he commandeered the vessel USS Parallax from a Federation Drydock for ships currently not in service.

Admiral Cummings was made a full member of the Coordinator Council as Academy Commandant on 06 March 2004.

The beginning of April 2004 brought a change to the career of Admiral Cummings. By request of General Christina Doane, the Admiral entered the Maquis Forces Marine Corps and was granted the reserve rank of Brigadier General and the position of Officer in Charge, Maquis Forces International Marine Corps Eighth Brigade on 01 April 2004. Cummings was granted the rank of Rear Admiral by order of the Coordinator Council on 06 June 2004.

Admiral Cummings relieved ADM Laura Hartwell to become the Fourth Vice International Coordinator of Maquis Forces International on 02 April 2006 by order of FADM Robert Johnson and commensurate of that duty, advanced to the rank of Vice Admiral. Having already begun several reconstruction efforts in many departments, he continues to help pave the way to a brighter future in MFI. On 1 April 2006, Admiral Cummings became the First Surgeon General of MFI, coordinating and administering all Medical affairs as Maquis Forces International's Chief Medical Officer.

Cummings was granted the rank of Vice Admiral, commensurate of his position as Vice International Coordinator by the Coordinator Council on 02 April 2006. Later that year, he announced his candidacy for election of International Coordinator in the Second general election in the organization's history. On 05 February 2007, in a solemn and private ceremony, Cummings assumed the office of International Coordinator and Commander-in-Chief, Maquis Forces International, being granted the rank of Force Admiral. A public reenactment was conducted later in the month. In July 2007, Cummings temporarily transferred his Constitutional duties and Authority to the Vice International Coordinator for a period of ten days in the first publicly invocation of Section 2 of Article IV. Always wanting to contribute to the success of the scientific community, Admiral Cummings instituted the SETI@home program for the Maquis, as well as the TerraPass Campaigns - to allow the membership of the Force to contribute to scientific research as well as environmentally sound usage of materials. These campaigns continue and have been noted to be successful.

Following through with his promises shortly after election, he instituted a written library of major orders and authorizations and his staff introduced amendments to the Constitution to allow for greater accountability of the Coordinator to the Membership during an IC's tenure, some of the most broad sweeping organizational legislation since the Force was established.

Admiral Cummings was confirmed to a second term as International Coordinator on 01 March 2009 with 96% approval, with friend and trusted Maquis Advisor Changeling Yazdir serving as Election Coordinator and FADM Gary Davis, Ret. serving as his principal advisor. Following his re-election, Cummings took part in the 2009 MFI Summit along with a majority of the MFI leadership; meeting with them face-to-face for the first time.

Retiring from active service in 2010, Cummings continues to serve as the Special Advisor to the International Coordinator, advising her on matters necessary to her office, and continuing research with the MFI Academy College of Science, primarily aboard his vessel and the Science College outpost. In 2013, Admiral Cummings returned to Active Duty, establishing Alpha Colony as a base of operations for Zone 4.

Admiral's education in the Maquis includes the Aviation College, earning his Maquis Pilot, Flight Leader and Squadron Leader wings; The Engineering College earning the Certificate in Engineering and the College of Medicine, earning his Doctor of Medicine and Alien Medical Specialist degrees. His decorations include the New Member exam, the Maquis Squadron Leader wings, the Sciences College Authors award with device, the Medical College completion Award, the Engineering College Completion Award, two Maquis Forces International Commendation Medals, and two Maquis Forces International Achievement Medals.

Real Life File


International Coordinator (Retired)
L to R: FADM Cummings, FADM Davis and FADM Johnson.

  • Date of Birth: 08 December 1984
  • Place of Birth: Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • Family: Parents Jon & Angelia (deceased), Sister Elise

  • Education:

Livonia Franklin High School
BS, Eastern Michigan University
MPA Candidate, Eastern Michigan University

  • Fandom Experience:

Maquis Forces International (CDR - FADM)
STARFLEET International (CDR - CAPT)
Alpha Squad (ENS - CAPT)

Samuel recently returned to the real estate industry and works in commercial escrow for a nationwide title insurance agency. Graduated Pi Sigma Alpha with Honors work in Political Science and Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University; he's pursuing a graduate degree in the field of Public Administration. As well as being a member of MFI continually since January 2003, he is a member of several organizations and unions, including the National Notary Association, the Institute for Protection Specialists and Security Contractors, United States Navy League and is a charter life member of ΣΑΛ (Sigma Alpha Lambda) at Eastern Michigan University. His service in the security field include work as a security officer for several high profile clients including the corporate headquarters of TRW, served as Head/Chief of Security for two separate clients and Director of Physical Security at another. Samuel also serves as Chairman and Trustee of the federally licensed electromagnetic and emergency communications research group Vectorscope Laboratories.

His personal awards include two special commendations from the Office of the Chief of Naval Education and Training and two Special Tributes from the Michigan State Legislature as well as several awards in the mortgage and security/protection field. He also is active in amateur radio, operating Amateur Radio Station KA9PAZ and holds the license for Vectorscope, W9RCN.

-- Sam-sig1.gif 1646, 15 JUN 2009 (EDT)


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