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(First Ratified as Amended by the Coordinator Council 31 Mar 2003)
(Amended 17 February 2004)(Amended 1 September 2004)
(Most Recent Amendment Ratified 15 October 2007 by General Membership as shown in Red)



  • Maquis Forces International: An Alliance of Independent Star Trek Clubs

ARTICLE II: Mission Statements

Section 1: Philosophy

  • Maquis Forces International is an alliance of Maquis clubs and individuals around the world for the purpose of the free exchange of ideas, information, and friendship. Like our fictional counterparts on Star Trek who went renegade from Starfleet, most of our membership left established fan organizations in search of a better banner to fly under. Our chapters left such organizations feeling dissatisfied and not all together comfortable with the politics and infighting that plague many fan organizations. Maquis Forces International is much different. Being Maquis gives us the freedom to act and play as we choose without an organization dictating how we run our chapters and eliminates the need for politics. MFI is a breed apart from the standard cookie cutter Star Trek organization in that we are here for fellowship and fun rather than politics and money. As each chapter joins, members are encouraged to broaden their horizons by making new friends and building upon old friendships.

Section 2: Involvement Requirements

  • MFI is strictly a "hands off" organization.

[1.] Chapters/Members/Cells vs MFI

  • Involvement is strictly voluntary and up to the discretion of the individual chapter or member.
  • We do however require Commanding Officers to turn in at least one out of every three Monthly Status Reports to keep their records up to date.
  • Commanding Officers are required to join the Members Listserv, and encouraged to have their members sign up as well.
  • Like our "real" Maquis counterparts, Maquis Cells operate independently of other Cells and the Centralized Headquarters. Our operation is similar--however if we don't hear from a cell on a Quarterly basis (every three months), said chapter will be assumed lost.

[2.] MFI Administration/Contribution

  • Those who may desire more input into the operation and services provided by MFI are encouraged to offer their services and become more involved.
  • Involvement may include simple participation in discussions on the mail listserv, writing a newsletter article or convention report, representing MFI and recruiting at conventions, or serving in a position on the Coordinator Council or the many administrative support staffs.



  • Membership shall be open to all Star Trek and science fiction fans without regard to race, religion, sex, age or national origin.

Section 2: TYPES

  • Members have the option of enlisting as active duty members or associate members. The difference being that active duty members may be assigned ranks and fictitious positions aboard various Listening Posts, Shuttles, Runabouts, Ships or Stations.


  • Members choosing active duty membership are assigned the rank as deemed by the chapter chairpersons or MFI as set forth in ARTICLE V.


  • Membership of any Chapter may be canceled at any time by written request (private email or correspondence) to the Chief of Operations.




  • The CC shall consist of the IC, VIC, COS, COO and three (3) Staff Positions whose official Titles and Duties shall be detailed by the IC and spelled out in the Handbook and listed on the Coordinator Council Section of the MFI website.
  • The number of CC members shall remain fixed at seven (7) members at all times.
  • Vacancies shall be filled within a reasonable time frame (normally no more than one month) by the IC.
  • Members of the CC are appointed by the IC and serve at his(her) pleasure.
  • The function of the CC is to create and enforce policies, coordinate the various departments assigned within, and serve as advisors to the Advisor Council, Chapters, and Members alike.
  • The CC shall be the final authority in the interpretation of the Constitution and of the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Policies and issues voted on by the CC require a two-thirds (2/3) vote for passage of those members voting.
    • All votes must have at least a quorum present to vote on any polices or issues involving MFI.
    • A quorum is defined for this purpose as a minimum of 5 of the 7 CC members.
  • The CC has no authority over individual chapters beyond the enforcement of MFI policies and determining violations of MFI policies. The internal affairs of said chapters are their own in regard to make up, involvement in MFI and other organizations, activities, and promotions up to the rank immediately below that of the chapter's chairperson.
  • The CC shall approve/deny promotions as outlined in the promotion regulations within this document.


[a.] MFI International Coordinator (IC)
  • The IC is the head of the CC and is in charge of all meetings of the CC, unless absent or delegated.
  • The IC is charged with ensuring that all information pertaining to organization policy changes is delivered to the CC members in a timely and reasonable fashion and shall serve as a reference for all CC members and organization members.
  • The IC is by virtue the "Commander-in-Chief" and upon taking office, the Flag of the Force is transferred to the ship upon which the IC is a member.
  • The IC is the President of the Organization, and is responsible in every way for everything that occurs.
  • The IC presides over the entire organization and is responsible for the well being of everyone connected with the organization.
  • Temporary Self Declared Incapacity
    • The IC may be temporarily unable to discharge the duties of the office, such as long term travel (where communication may not be clear) or temporary medical incapacitation.
    • The IC will contact the MFI Chief of Staff to declare incapacity and, upon transmittal of the letter, is relieved of duty.
    • The VIC shall then assume all duties of IC with the title "Acting IC".
    • When the IC is able to resume office, the IC will then transmit a letter declaring his/her intention to resume office to the Chief of Staff, at which point, the IC immediately resumes office.
  • Additional duties/responsibilities may be detailed within the appropriate Handbook section as determined by the CC.

[b.] Vice International Coordinator (VIC)
  • The VIC is the second in command of MFI and shall preside over the CC in the IC's absence.
  • The VIC is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole, including the commissioning and decommissioning of Branches, Divisions, and Departments.
  • The VIC will be responsible for all issue resolutions beyond the purview of the Chief of Staff.
  • The VIC is to represent the idea's of the IC to the organization and the CC.
  • The VIC shall represent the club as a whole to the international community and to other fan clubs.
  • The VIC will preside over CC meetings and serve as moderator.
  • Additional duties/responsibilities may be detailed within the appropriate Handbook section as determined by the CC.

[c.] Chief of Staff (COS)
  • Third in the chain of command of the organization and serves as the acting IC, in the absence of both the IC and the VIC.
  • The COS serves as an advisor to the IC and VIC and represents the views of the organization to the CC.
  • The COS also coordinates the various departments of MFI and oversees their smooth operation through liaison with the CC, Department Heads, and the VIC.
  • Additional duties/responsibilities may be detailed within the appropriate Handbook section as determined by the CC.

[d.] Chief of Operations (COO)
  • The COO is responsible for maintaining status reports on all MFI chapter activity, commissioning all chapters of MFI, and for launching all chapters-in-training of MFI.
  • Coordinates and oversees force activities.
  • Serves as the primary liaison with MFI's chapters through the Zone Coordinators and directs matters pertaining to operational forces within MFI.
  • Provides direct oversight over the Membership Department and related membership issues.
  • Coordinates the various departments and oversees their smooth operation through liaison with the department heads and the COS.
  • Additional duties/responsibilities may be detailed within the appropriate Handbook section as determined by the CC.

[e.] Additional CC Staff Positions
  • In addition to the four [4] specified positions above, there shall be three (3) Staff Positions who's official Titles and Duties shall be detailed by the IC.
  • These positions/offices shall be spelled out in the Handbook and listed on the Coordinator Council Section of the MFI website.
  • The purpose of having these non-specified positions is to allow the IC the flexibility to assign Staff titles and duties to meet the changing needs of MFI.


[a.] Coordinator Council Appointments
  • Upon the notification of a vacancy for Coordinator Council positions, applications will be submitted to and reviewed by the VIC or COS before forwarding to the IC.
  • The reviewing authority will discuss selection options with the IC and a nominee selected from the applications.
  • The nominee's name will be forwarded to the voting members of the CC to confirm the nomination. The nominee will be confirmed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.
  • Any New CC member will serve under the direct supervision of the IC during a 6 month probationary period. During this probationary period, the new CC member will not participate in any voting and will have an appropriate Brevet rank suitable to the position being held. Once the probationary period is successfully completed, the member would advance to their full title, gain their full rank, and assume full voting rights.

[b.] International Coordinator VOC
  • A Vote of Confidence (VOC) is a poll of the entire MFI membership to determine if the current club leadership is to be continued and maintained. A VOC may be called in any one of several conditions:
Scheduled VOC
  • Every two years in January (odd years), the membership will be polled for the purpose of a Vote of Confidence (VOC) for the position of IC.
  • An election for IC during any odd year shall supercede the need for a VOC during that year.
  • In the event that an IC election took place in the six months immediately prior to January of any odd year, a scheduled VOC shall be waived for that odd year only.
Unscheduled VOC
  • A special unscheduled VOC may be called anytime so long as at least six months have passed since the previous election conclusion (change of command) or previous VOC provided that special conditions are met.
  • A minimum of 25 percent of all current eligible chapters/cells must call for the special unscheduled VOC.
  • Petitioners must supply a list of chapter/cell representatives (one per chapter/cell) supporting the special VOC.
  • Petitioners must provide a complete written list of charges against the current IC.
  • The standing IC shall be granted two (2) months to redeem the confidence of the petitioners after which time the number of supporting chapter/cell representative shall be re-evaluated to determine if the required 25 percent still exists. If 25 percent still exists, then the VOC shall immediately take place. If there is no longer 25 percent, then the petition is dropped.
  • Each of the parties to the special unscheduled VOC (both the petitioners group and the standing IC with Council) may request and submit a neutral representative to monitor and moderate the special VOC process.
Coordinator Council (CC) VOC
  • A CC VOC may be called at any time in cases such as the unexpected death of the standing IC, serious long term health issues preventing the IC from maintaining office, or where MFI’s moral turpitude standards may have been violated by the standing IC, forcing removal from office.
    • In this case the purpose of the VOC is to determine if the membership supports the normal succession of the standing VIC to be the new permanent IC.
    • Announced retirement alone is insufficient grounds for calling a CC VOC.
  • The six (6) members of the Coordinator Council (CC) other than the IC may call a CC VOC by unanimous vote of all six (6) members.
  • In the event that vacancies have dropped the CC to less than six, then all of the current Branch Heads shall be added to bring the voting pool above the six members minimum. The vote must still be unanimous even if the result is more than six voters. No individual person holding more than one position shall have more than one vote.
  • Failure to obtain unanimous support to call a CC VOC or failure to pass a called CC VOC within the membership shall result in immediate elections to determine a new IC.
  • Other than the conditions stated above, all other normal VOC procedures shall be used.
Misc VOC Concepts
  • The VOC will be held electronicly (ie: via the mail list, voting booth, or other approved format) with a member of the Coordinator Council other than the International Coordinator serving as the pollster. A member directly supporting the functions of the Coordinator Council may also be appointed provided the Coordinator Council approves the delegation by two-thirds (2/3) vote.
  • If the VOC confirms the continued leadership of the current IC, then the IC and his/her Council [CC] remain in power.
  • If the VOC determines that elections need to be held, nominations for the office of International Coordinator will be taken and a general election held.
  • At any time, if the current IC decides that he or she wishes to retire, elections will be held for the position of IC.
  • Any VOC may as an alternative be conducted by a mutally agreed upon outside impartial source (ie: accounting firm, etc...) with the full cost fully paid and incurred by the requesting party. Under NO condition is MFI to bear said costs.
[c.] International Coordinator Election
Election Administration
  • Elections for the position of IC will only be held in the event of the retirement of the current IC or an IC who fails a Vote of Confidence.
  • Elections are a special thing for MFI. Whenever one is conducted, the CC shall have the sole authority to determine both the voting process and the process in which the votes of the Chapter Commanding Officers are tallied.
  • If any candidate for IC objects to the process in which votes are tallied, the candidate assumes total financial responsibility for hiring an independent party to tally the votes. The CC will generally use a method that is free for the membership and MFI.

Nominations Phase and IC Qualifications
  • Nominations for the position of IC will be taken and forwarded to the Elections Supervisor, who shall be appointed by the CC, but shall not be a member of the CC who is a candidate for IC.
  • A minimum of five nominations from any Commanding Officer and/or Zone Coordinator must be submitted to nominate a member of MFI in good standing for the position of IC.
  • A nominee for IC, must have been a member of MFI for at least 3 years and is preferred to have some command experience. This need not be necessarily from MFI, but documented experience from another fan club can apply.
  • The nominations phase will begin at a date determined by CC after a failed VOC.
  • In the case where the current IC has stated he or she will retire on a set date, the nominations phase must begin at least three months prior to that date. This is to allow time for both the election process and for a smooth transition of the office following the election.
Campaign Phase
  • Campaigning for the position of IC will begin following the nominations phase and may only be conducted via the official Campaigning listserv. The CC will establish this listserv for the sole purpose of campaigning and only one message containing the Nominees platform may be sent to the general Maquis MFI listserv.
  • The Nominees will be responsible for selecting their VIC candidate and a slate of officers to serve in the other CC positions.
  • The Campaigning phase will end at a time that the CC designates or at least two months prior to the date in which the current IC will retire. This is to allow a sufficient amount of time for the voting to occur.
Election Phase
  • The Elections phase will begin immediately following the Campaigning phase.
  • Details of how the Election will be conducted, how Chapter CO's will vote, and how the results will be tallied will be determined before the Elections phase begins.
  • The elections phase shall end at a time that the CC designates in a failed FADM VOC or at least two weeks prior to the date in which the current IC will retire.
  • The results must be tallied and presented to the CC at least 7 days following the election of a failed VOC and at least one week prior to the date in which the current IC will retire.
Change of Command
  • The new IC will take office no later than 3 days following the announced results of an election assuming the new rank of Force Admiral (FADM).
  • The outgoing IC is responsible for transferring all materials related to the office of IC and MFI in general to the new IC at least 10 days after having taken office. The outgoing IC, upon relief from command of MFI, will assume the new rank/title of FADM (RET).
  • It is hoped that this transition is a smooth and timely process without needless delays.
  • Formal change of command ceremonies may be scheduled for a later date in order to allow maximum member attendance. This deferral shall in no way be used as a basis to delay the actual transfer of power as outlined.



  • To liaison between their various departments of interest within MFI and their respective CC Member--ultimately to the Chief of Staff. Departments will be placed under the purview of various CC Members who will look out for their interests. Both the CC member and subordinate Department Head are charged with maintaining a viable department which sparks both interest and involvement of MFI members.


  • Departments within MFI will be proposed by a member at large or a CC member. Final approval of Departments lies with the Vice International Coordinator.
  • Departments should represent either an administrative need or an interest of the members to provide an avenue for the enjoyment of said members and the organization as a whole.
  • Department Heads are required to report Monthly to the COO.



  • To liaison between the COO and the chapters assigned within their geographical area. ZC's are charged with apprising the COO and the CC of any changes in chapter status, contact information, or activities such as conventions or Zone Conferences.
  • Zone Coordinators are required to submit Monthly Zone Reports to the MFI COO.

Section 4: CHAPTERS


  • A local fan club providing structure for individual members.


  • The individual chapter is the focus of all activities for MFI. What this document and the organization itself is centered on is the Chapter and members which comprise it. They provide a forum for members to congregate, participate in activities, provide presence within MFI and a sense of team.
  • Chapters are charged with maintaining contact with the organization be it with their Zone Coordinator, or the CC itself.


Section 1: International Dues

  • There are NO International Dues for individual or Family Memberships. MFI is a FREE Fan Organization.

Section 2: Chapter Dues

  • Cell's may charge local membership dues as they deem appropriate with no involvement from MFI.



  • Promotions for local unit/chapters and members are at the discretion of the local Commanding Officer/Chairman of said local unit or chapter.
  • CO's are authorized to make promotions up to but not including their present rank. (i.e., a Captain can promote their members up to Commander). This policy is restricted to promotions up to Captain for those CO's holding flag or general officer rank.


[1.] Authority

  • The term "Flag Officer" is assumed to apply genericly to "General Officers" also.
  • All promotions over the rank of Captain shall be acted upon by the Coordinator Council only and will be made one grade at a time (i.e. Captain to Commodore, Commodore to Rear Admiral, Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral, and Vice Admiral to Admiral. Only a flag officer may submit a nomination for a flag officer promotion.
  • A newly elected International Coordinator (IC) is deemed an exception to the "one grade" rule, advancing to Force Admiral (FADM)

[2.] Process

  • Nominees must at a minimum be a Captain (or equivalent) who is over the age of 21 and in good standing with the organization.
  • The nomination will be received by a Coordinator Council member and a vote of two fellow Council members must be made to authorize the promotion.
  • The International Coordinator [IC] must be made aware of the acceptance of nomination prior to promotion authorization and notification to the member of his/her new rank.


  • Amendments will be classified into two categories, Procedural or Policy, and voted upon accordingly.



  • Procedural, grammatical, and terminology changes which do not affect the membership as a whole can be amended at a general meeting of the CC by two-thirds (2/3) vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing (Email) to all CC. An online meeting of the CC members can be held in emergencies provided that there is a quorum present.
  • Changes which fall under this category will include minor changes to the body of the Coordinator Council since the CC serves at the IC's pleasure and is appointed by that authority. The IC will consider these changes in the best interest of the membership on a case by case basis.
  • Procedural changes will also include minor inconsistencies with what is proving to "work" during the day for day business of the organization and items that do not "work" (i.e. the establishment and disestablishment of positions or departments that are needed or no longer needed).


  • Policy changes which effect the membership as a whole will be given to the membership in an Amendment Proposal format, posted on a website, and voted upon by the membership. These will include any changes that effect the status, rights, or privileges of any chapter or the organization as a whole (i.e. policies on the monthly status reports), or changes which effect the overall make-up of the organization.

Section 2: PROCESS

  • Amendments may be proposed by any member of MFI provided they are sponsored by a CC member. If an individual member drafts an amendment they will forward the proposal to their Zone Coordinator and then to an appropriate CC member for sponsorship.
  • The Constitution will be open for updates or rewrites on even numbered years.
  • Proposals for amendments will be considered June through October of the odd number years.

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