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Admiral Ten-of-Nine


=== Who is this Ten-of-Nine? === ADM, Maquis Forces International

"There is good reason why I did not fit the typical Borg mold..."


</div align="center">

Name [mundane]:


Steve Lackey

Flag Polo . . Lackey Command.jpg . . Lackey Engineering Station.jpg

Lackey Vril.jpeg . . Lackey Systems Check.jpg . . 10-of-9...not feeling well... . . MG 0800-001.jpg . . SLackey3.jpg

I prefer to be addressed simply as Steve [to my friends]. "Admiral" is the Maquis title of my Personna. However I do refrain from blasting those who are confused between the two... Eventually all will comply.

Oh! A friendly warning. My sense of humor can at times vary from esoteric, dry, deep, odd, twisted, and shallow. My advice to you all is just go along with the ride, participate in the word-play, grow a thick exo-skeleton, and don't take offense. I seldom intend to be truly hurtful, but occaisionally I unintentionaly cross the line and become a "clod". Sorry. If that happens, let me know so my programming can self-correct.
Lcars Slackey4.jpg




You might ask "how did I come to be designated 10-of-9"? After all, the logic at first glance appears somewhat skewed. The simple answer is that the circumstances of my assimilation and subsequent assignment DID NOT follow the normal Borg protocols. I never formed a bonded link to the collective Unimatrix. I have found that the simple answer rarely satisfies the curriosity of normal humanoid lifeforms. One day I will find the time to record the complex answer. In the meantime, did you know how to keep a Klingon in suspense? ...tell you later...

Sim Persona

  • First Name - Steve
  • Last Name - Lackey
  • aka - <insert Sim rank here> Steve "Ten-of-Nine" Lackey
    • NOTE: Rank presented here varies according to the Sim currently in effect and the timeline being represented in this characters history

  • Current Assignment - MFS Serendipity: Chief Engineer
  • Previous Assignment - MFS New Voyager: Chief Engineer [Engineering / Security / Tactical]
  • Species info: 75% Human origin/ 25% Unknown // Assimilated at age 23 by Borg // Emancipated from Borg age 29 [major implants successfully removed, some borg tech remains] // joined Maquis age 30

  • Other info -
    • Although mostly of human origin, he was born on a remote planetary observation outpost. The exact location of this planet is completely unknown to him.
    • As best as he remembers his life pre-borg, his father was the child of an unauthorized paring between a human researcher and a local indigenous humanoid study subject. His father rarely spoke of his parents breech of the Prime Directive. His fully human Mother was part of a followup study team sent to mitigate the subsequent damage to following generations.
    • He was a young adult when the Borg invaded the world, assimilating those they thought worthy and destroying everyone else. As Borg have been known to do. After six years as a Drone, he found an opportunity to break free of the Collective, commandeered a shuttle, and managed to join an independent freighter crew.
      • It is of some importance to note that his ability to break free of the Collective is suspected to be a result of the species pairing and genetic code of his Father's unknown half-parentage.
      • The genetic coding of his father's side has never been encountered in any Federation accessible database or library record.
      • It has been speculated that the Borg may have wiped out and eradicated all members of that species when they discovered their natural resistance to the assimilation process.
    • He did acquire an extensive variety of skills and knowledge during his time as a Drone which he retains and puts to good use to this day. His Engineering and Tactical skills are of the very highest order. He also inherited a great deal of highly specialized skills which enables him to accomplish other-wise impossible special tasks and missions equivalent to those expected of the highest level of Operative.
    • All the same, he has maintained a sense of independence that has allowed him to only work for causes in which he finds redeeming value. He has yet to be intimidated or forced into assisting causes he does not believe worthy.
    • The captain of the freighter was a former medical officer on a Federation starship who was caught dealing in unauthorized medical technology and drummed out of the service. He continued on as an independent smuggler/dealer in a lucrative deal supplying similar tech services to frontier worlds and outposts. In exchange for Ten-of-Nines skills, services, and borg technology the Captain assisted Ten-of-Nine in removing most of the borg implants.
    • A little more than a year after his emancipation, Ten-of-Nine stayed with his ship when the whole crew declared themselves Maquis. Since then he has moved on, but still sides with the Maquis movement.
    • Currently Ten-of-Nine finds useful and interesting work while serving as a Maquis Engineer.

[more to follow...]


Admiral (ADM) (effective 09162009) pip_adm_red.jpg - ADM Borg Pip



OOTM Banner.jpg

Order of the Maquis - 18 JAN 2015
Seals Team Three Leader
MFI Commendation Medal - FEB2007 see Award Certificate, MFI Achievement Medal - 2009 EOY
Former CompSci Dean, New Member Exam, Leadership,
Communications (original) Honors (2), Engineering Honors (4), Medical Honors (2),
Ten Year MFI Service, Badge Campaign, Rank Pin Campaign,
Naval Campaign Honors (2), MFI ROY 2008, Zone 1 ROY (2007/2008)
Military Service, Community Service (4), Borg Award (Chapter)

Leader Team Three
MFI Commendation Medal Feb 2007 MFI Achievement Medal EOY 2009
Former CompSci Dean (Original) New Member Exam Leadership
Communications (Original) Honors x2 Engineering Honors x4 Medical Honors x2
10 Years Service MFI Echelon Badge Campaign MFI Rank Pin Campaign x2
Naval Campaign Honors x2 MFI ROY 2008 Zone_1_ROY_x2_(2007/2008)
Military Service 15 yrs Community Service x4 Borg Award (Cell)





MFS Compliance

MFS Compliance002FULL.jpeg Borgdark.gif


Slackey (Ten-of-Nine): Contact Steve -or- Contact COO Ten-of-Nine

Homepage: [ pending ]

Position MFI:


While "fun" rules, please understand I do take my commitment to MFI seriously.
Please do not confuse my playful nature with a lack of due dilegence.

"You wouldn't like me when I am angry..."


MFI Vice International Coordinator [VIC]
[0117.16 to <present>] Member of MFI Coordinator Council [CC].
The VIC is the second in the chain of command of the organization.
Serves as the IC in the absence of the IC.

Mfi academy.jpg

MFI Academy Commandant
[0316.15 to <current>] Member of MFI Coordinator Council [CC].
Currently serves as the Caretaker of the Hidden Academy currently shuttered pending reconstruction.
Oversees the Archives, Hall of Honor, and Hall of Remembrance Guardian. Pending Rebirth.


MFI Chief of Staff [COS]
[0101.11 to 0316.15] Member of MFI Coordinator Council [CC]. The COS is the third in the chain of command of the organization. Serves as the IC in the absence of the IC and the VIC. The COS serves as an advisor to the IC and VIC and represents the views of the organization to the CC. The COS also coordinates the various departments of MFI and oversees their smooth operation through liaison with the CC, Department Heads, and the Vice International Coordinator. Monitors the overall "health" and well-being of the various components and branches of MFI. Takes on special assignments in service to MFI.


MFI Chief of Operations [COO]
[0609.04 to 1231.10] Member of MFI Coordinator Council [CC]. Coordinates and oversees force activities. Serves as the primary liaison with MFI's chapters through the Zone Coordinators and directs matters pertaining to operational forces within MFI. Provides direct oversight over the Membership Department and related membership issues. Coordinates the various departments and oversees their smooth operation through liaison with the department heads and the COS.


Diplomatic Corps Communications Coordinator
[0602.11 to <current>] The Communications Coordinator shall construct and maintain the web/wiki presence for the Diplomatic Corps Department. Assists as Public Affairs Officer for the Diplomatic Corps.


Cell Commanding [Flag] Officer of MFS Compliance MFI-RC-112088
[current] Part of Zone One. Ship is a heavily modified, refitted Borg Long Range Scout ship. Currently based on SOL 3 in the community of Jacksonville Florida. Crew complement varies in size and consists primarily of various reverted Borg from multiple homeworlds.

Mfi academy.jpg

Resident Hermit, MFI Academy
Currently Advisor/Consultant providing support services to Academy
Formerly "Original" Dean of CompSci
Former Dean of MFI "Snail Mail" Academy [an experimental offering that never took off...]


Former MFI Assistant Chief of Staff [ACOS]
[0512.03 to 0609.04] Assistant to the MFI Chief of Staff [COS]. Provides continuity of office as the second to the COS. Represents the COS when the Chief is out of communications. Assists in monitoring the overall "health" and well-being of the various components and branches of MFI. Functions as a "sounding board" for the COS and takes on special assignments in service to MFI.


Regenerating, Prone, Asleep...


Stardate = 5504.09
TNG Calculation = 8735.7
Old Terran Standard = 9 April 1955


Maquis Academy

Residence [mundane]:

Jacksonville, FL, USA, Sol-3

Occupation: (Real Life)



Traffic Signal Technician for City of Jacksonville, Florida. Once upon a time, I used to tell folks I changed "light bulbs for a living". Since my promotion a couple of years back from a "Repairer" [Field Tech] to my current position "Technician" [Shop Tech], I only rarely get to work overhead in our "Trouble Truck" arial platforms. Besides, we also changed all of the traffic signals to using LED technology [ninety percent power savings] thus--no more bulbs to change. Well, not as often anyway.
At least city/county employment is more stable than being a Mercenary. [Think about it...US Government contractor helping train foreign military types...seems like a Merc to me! ROTFL!]

Recently achieved full Level III certification in Traffic Signals from the International Municipal Signals Association [IMSA]. (That's the top level for you laypersons... <smile>)

Former Tech Writer, Technical Instructor, and Subject Matter Expert [SME] for a US Government Contractor. Developed Courseware [including Testing Materials] and Revised/Generated Publication Changes and Illustrations for Avionics Technical Training for both US and Foreign Military Customers.

Honorably Discharged on completion of 15 years service in US Navy. [AX1,AT1] Served: NATTC Memphis [staff instructor], VP-16, VP-30, VS-24, and FMP MMF"A".

Anybody besides me feel this way...?


"I am Sooo confused..."


Mini Gallery

BorgHand004Hor.jpeg BorgHand002Hor.jpeg BorgHand003Hor.jpeg
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