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MFIwiki is the brainchild of three of MFI Computer Operations' finest officers. It was envisioned that an enormous website such as MFI's would become easy to maintain, as it was a burden to edit and maintain by the staff. During the last two years, Admirals J. William Roberson, Samuel Cummings and Commodore Taylor Goodwill explored options to make MFI's site not only more user friendly, but innovative, dynamic and overall much easier to administrate. Thus, MFIWiki was born.

Administrator Banner

While any MFI member can contribute, A dedicated crew of administrators and system operators maintain MFIWiki. Any of these people are entitled to use the Administrator banner on their User profile and be a member of the Administrator Category. These people can assist you with any problems or questions that you may have if you aren't able to contact Computer Operations.

-- Samuel S. H. Cummings 00:05, 27 MAR 2009 (EDT)
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