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=='''Upcoming Projects'''==
=='''Upcoming Projects'''==
<div align=center>
|width=250px div align=center|<br>
|width=25% div align=center|'''Maquis Academy Pin'''<br><br>
*[[Quartermaster/MFI Academy Pin|MFI Academy Pin]]<br>
|width=25% div align=center|'''SSD Officer Badge'''<br><br>
[[Image:QM - SSD Badge.jpg|175px]]
|width=25% div align=center|'''Romulan Flag Officer Pins'''<br><br>
[[Image:QM - Rom Ranks 1.jpg|175px]]
|width=25% div align=center|'''Romulan Officer Pins'''<br><br>
[[Image:QM - Rom Ranks 2.jpg|175px]]

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Maquis Forces International Quartermaster

Welcome to the MFI Quartermaster. As the "supply" department for the organization, we are tasked with providing Maquis oriented items for purchase. These items are generally provided "at cost" or slightly above cost to cover expenses. The list of items below are all available for ordering. Visit the Maquis Quartermaster site, or click on the item desired to go straight to that order form.

Why you should buy MFI items...?
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Order MFI Quartermaster Items


Quartermaster's Rules

Available Products





MFI Polo Shirt.jpg


Mq flightjacket.jpg

MFI Hat.jpg


Upcoming Projects

Maquis Academy Pin

Academy Pin Proof.jpg

SSD Officer Badge

QM - SSD Badge.jpg

Romulan Flag Officer Pins

QM - Rom Ranks 1.jpg

Romulan Officer Pins

QM - Rom Ranks 2.jpg

Maquis-Con (Under Development)


Do it Yourself


MFI Quartermaster

Chief of Communications
21:14, 15 May 006 (EDT)

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